Im bothered by …

I’m bothered by the Oil Spill… rather… Oil Explosion that’s currently taking place… in the Gulf of Mexico.

When the rig first exploded, I was watching GMA and George Snuffleupagus said that BP was reporting the spill was minor, and was comparing it to the spill in Santa Barbara many years ago. Most major media outlets, sorta brushed it off as “a minor spill”…

And now, 39 days later, we’ve leaked between 12K and 19K barrels of oil a day. A. Day. If we use 15K as the mid-point. That’s 585,000 barrels – as of last night. A barrel of oil is 42 gallons. Thats 2,457,000 gallons of oil, floating around in the Pacific Ocean, with growth happening, since the “mud down the hole” trick isn’t 10% working.

The Santa Barbara oil spill in 1969 leaked 200,000 gallons of oil over 16 days.

BP spill – 2.5 million gallons over 39 days.

There is a huge difference.

Here’s what I’m bothered by…

– Lack of transparency by BP.

– Apparent lack of action by BP.

– People hassling Obama and the government about the governments lack of stepping into clean up the spill.

– Calling this “Obama’s Katrina”

– Lack of Media coverage.

I get it. I get that we now live in a world where there is crisis after crisis after crisis. There are tsunami’s and earthquakes, and other catastrophic events, and not everything can be covered. But the lack of media coverage, and the coverage that hammers our government, really bothers me. This on the heels of the flooding in Nashville – why is it that we cover in-depth the crisis in other countries, but is there minimal media coverage around this? I’ve seen Sam Champion down in the Gulf of Mexico wading through mud and oil – but where is everyone else? Why aren’t we seeing more coverage and discussion of the disaster that’s happening down there???

Second, BP is a privately owned company. And yes, they’ve done a craptastic job of being honest and transparent and stopping what’s going on, but the government can’t step in and control every time a major company screws up. BP has been telling “us” that they knew what was happening, they had it under control, and they knew what to do. At some point, you have to trust the experts which one would assume BP was, and say – okay, great, do it.  So – yes, now that BP has come clean that it’s a huge problem, and they need help, the government is stepping in to help.  But the rig, the disaster, that lack of planning and emergency plan, and whatnot – that’s BP’s issue, not the governments. Frankly, had the government stepped in a whole bunch of folks would have been PISSED that the government was overstepping, and over-reaching and what not.

Finally, I am **really** bothered that the mainstreamed media is starting to call the BP Oil Disaster “Obama’s Katrina”. I would like to wave the BS flag to that. Hurricane Katrina was a NATURAL disaster. Nature caused it. And, lets all remember back – we knew it was coming. We **KNEW** that a massive hurricane was headed towards New Orleans, we KNEW that New Orleans was going to be decimated, or at least had the potential to be decimated. We knew that the people of New Orleans are a people reliant on public transportation, and live below sea-level, and are in a lower socio-economic whatever and that a disaster there would have wide-reaching effects. So knowing, that and seeing on the radar that a massive hurricane was coming… the government had the resources to plan ahead. They had the time to set up a disaster response, they had the time to make the plans and prep what they needed to provide food, showers, evacuation plans, support for people with animals, medical care… Natural disasters are under the government umbrella… It was our governments responsibility to be responsible for that. There are resources, really there are, that could be put into place to be prepared… and that didn’t happen. It did happen later for the Hurricane that we saw headed towards Galveston, that was prepped for – but Katrina… we knew that was going to happen, and by “we” I mean the Government… and weren’t prepared.

BP is a privately owned company. It is their responsibility to have a plan and execute it. We can not blame the government for BP having their heads up their asses.

Ugh – where am I going with this…

– We’ve not had enough coverage.

– We’ve leaked 2.5M gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico

– We aren’t talking about it enough on the media. There’s not enough coverage.

I’m just bothered by it.

Sorry for the rant.

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