Bed Sheets

Dear Interested Parties,

I am just writing to let you know that I’m alive and well in the GeeBee.

The past few weeks have been really crazy with work – both the job that pays the bills, and w/ camp that really starts to ramp up now.

The job that pays the bills has been keeping me busy from 630am – 4:30/5pm each night, and many nights I have something going on after that. Its a little nuts.

I see and apprecciate your emails – I really do and I have the best of intentions to write back, but for whatever reason its just not happening.

Here’s a recap of some exciting/not exciting events of the last few whatevers…

– I make granola each Sunday and eat it during the week. It’s tasty. You can make it too – from this link:

– I eat it with Greek Yogurt and fresh berries and I don’t hate it.

– I’m a total expert in cross brand combined solutions that bridge ops and dev and business and it. And by expert, I mean I’m apparently faking it well.

– I figured out how to make a calculator that shows prospective things and how much they could bring in overall and by quarter/future quarter.

– I desperately need to do laundry. And like. 12 loads of it.

– Blood in your laundry room isnt always a bad thing says the local police. and my police. Thanks J.  Also, thanks J for confirming that I’m a reasonable intelligent individual. I seriously laughed.

– Fitness Bonanza started today – I did well in the morning, until the dinner was pizza and apple pie.

– I’m going to Canada for 4 days in a month.

– I got a cooling deck for the laptop.

– I kicked up a shit storm at work and did it in front of my manager and director, and got congratulated for it later.

– I’d like to blog about the important things more often, but those are the things I hold the closest and so I feel weird blogging about them.

– I got to help the 16 year old get ready for prom. Prom Dress shopping, and then saw her off today. I dont really regret not going to the prom. Also – tonight at the send off I was called “that one”. As in – oh and that one belongs to my daughters husband… ha. totally funny. Also – a nasty comment about the trampoline… I’ll refrain from saying it here, but thanks to the SIL for smacking down the 92 year old.

– Camp is coming – which means I need to start integrating my list of substitute expletives so that Im appropriate with kids… I’m also looking for new ones. The guidelines – they have to have the same rythym as the real one, and have the same pleasure in saying them. Current ones are: Bed Sheets, Sheet, Donut, Fork, Expletive, Fartknockers, Crieky. I’m looking for 2 -3 more. Can you guess what those are subs for?

So that’s really it – I’m good and here, just trying to keep all the balls in the air. Best way to keep track is to follow me on Twitter, I’m Tweeting a couple of times a day – or just come to my actual blog and you can see whats up over there to the right. 

And that my friends is it. K – I’ll email/call this week. Promise. Maybe coffee?

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2 Responses to Bed Sheets

  1. Joanna says:

    Man, I keep forgetting to ask J what you called about.

    Let’s see if I’ve got a few:
    Bed Sheets= Bull Shit
    Fork= Fuck
    Expletive= ????
    Fartknocker=Fuck head????
    Crieky= Crap?????

    How about adding these:
    Dark Shed= Dick Head
    Grass Foal = Asshole
    Mama Smuckers= Mother Fuckers

  2. afesler says:

    I forgot to add – Mother Hubbard.

    Love Ross Matthews. I totally stole that from him.

    And yeah – I called J about the Laundry Room… and if there was enough going on in it to warrant to call the police…

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