Working from home

I think everyone knows that I love working from home.

Today I’m in Yoga Pants, a sweatshirt and uggs. My hair is in a pony and I’m about to go grab random things out of the fridge for lunch.

Tomorrow will probably look the same.

“Someone” recently spent a few mandated days at home and sent me an email or a FB or a somethign that was like OMG HOW DO YOU STAND IT – I HATE DAYTIME TV…

I was SHOCKED. SHOCKED. I love daytime TV.

Here’s how I figure it – if I were in a traditional office, I would have “office friends” people that would stop by to say hi, we’d walk to coffee, talk about random topics -it’d be great.

But – since I work from home, the TV is my office friends. It’s on during the day, and serves as my background noise. I’ve tried to work for hours when it’s off – but I just can’t.  I need the background noise and the something to glance at on occasion.  So my reply to that someone was – clealry she was watchign all the WRONG things!

So – before I rattle off my list – here’s what I’d like to say… I don’t WATCH tv all day. The TV is on – it’s way over there, and I occasionally glance at it, but reality is – its just background noise. So here’s the order of the things that I have on…

7 – 9: Good Morning America

9 – 10: BH 90210 or whatever is on Soap Net or Regis and Kelly or Rachel Ray – depends on the day

10 – 11: The View or… Soap Net, same with 11 – 12

12 – 3pm: ABC Daytime: AMC, OLTL, GH

3 – 4pm: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

4pm – on: Random things – depends on the day.

So – yes, its alot of TV. But often, I will DVR the shows that I have on during the work day so that I can watch them and pay attention, I dont retail alot of whats on during the day. I also don’t watch anything that makes my brain work – like the news, or cnn, or whatever.

Other favorites: Gilmore Girls, OTH, The OC, 7th Heaven, ANTM, hmmm… anythign thats a rerun, I’m up for – MASH is another favorite –

So thats how I do it… some people work with the radio on… I liek the visual distraction occasionally!

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3 Responses to Working from home

  1. "someone" says:

    It is entirely possibly I watched all the wrong things. Say Yes to the Dress? It CANNOT take that long to pick out a dress! Somebody’s Courtroom… is it possible that was a relative I saw? Soaps? Please don’t get me started. Even Food Network programing is sadly lacking in daytime hours… they are actually teaching people how to cook!
    I better learn quick. In about four months I’ll have a lot of free daytime TV hours!

  2. Joanna says:

    Whenever I’m home (mostly in the summers) I love, love, love to watch TLC’s sappy ‘baby story’, ‘bringing home the baby’…
    But I don’t think I could do what you do and essentially ignore the TV. I swear I get sucked in by the dumbest shows, I’ll even watch cartoons with the girls 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    I totally do the same thing..except my line up is usually Today show, Home Improvment, I Love Lucy, Elen:)

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