A felt braclet-sleeve and a magic wand

Well, well.

So much for “every day” – its been busy busy busy, so I’m just not as on top of it, as I’d like to be. Remember these – the things (plus some) from my Mary Poppins Box – well… here’s the update…

Last night and today, I was all about the turquoise sleeve, and the Java Wand.

Last night I had a meeting, and today I had a funeral, and so trying to remember to grab the cup, and whatnot – just didn’t happen. So – I instead threw the blue sleeve in the bag and gave it a try. The sleeve is multi-purpose. According to its link – the Coffee Cup Cozy – can be worn as a bracelet, and used as a coffee sleeve. Well, neato. Now I don’t have to worry about where to put it, I just have to remember to wear it. I think it’s not exactly my style – but here’s proof that it does in fact work 2 ways.


I really like the sleeve. I got a few comments about it last night and today, and frankly the part I like best is that it’s made of wool felt, and not neoprene. Its soft, and thick and I dig it. It totally protected my fingers and I didn’t burn myself on either of the hot drinks I used. I tried it on a cold cup this morning too, and it was neat – soaked up the water on the cup, but dried out super quick – wahoo.

One downside – it makes it a very tight squeeze in my cup holder in my car – but that might just be an issue about my car, not in general. Here are a couple of more photos of it – in action:


So to try to avoid my mid-afternoon compulsion to lay down and take a nap, I whipped out the… Java Wand. I mean really, how could you not love that name!! So the back of the package says that it’s a mini french press – you put coffee grounds in a cup, add hot water, and then you stick the java wand in, and voila drink your cup of coffee through the glass straw.

Okay. So – here we go… Coffee in the cup, Water added, Java Wand – wahoo.


So not bad, in theory. The prep is super easy, but you end up with this really sludgy cup of coffee. Now – its DELICIOUS coffee, I do love the french press – but its kinda… I don’t know, gross, I guess. The flavor is great, and I didn’t get any grounds up the straw – but looking into the cup and the “left overs” when your done is enough to deter me. Plus – check out the rings on my cup down there, that’s just not pretty. I tried to get a picture of my drinking from the cup, using the straw – and either got the cup or the straw – and I looked shitty in all – so you’ll just have to ignore my face and see the straw – filled with coffee – I know, overkill.


So overall…

Felt Coffee Cozy/Bracelet – love it.

Java Wand – ummmm not so my favorite, but might try to use it again. We’ll see!

What’s next… I’ll probably switch it up and go with the new sleeve with the handle, that I got and produce bags. Those produce bags, I’m excited about!

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5 Responses to A felt braclet-sleeve and a magic wand

  1. Joanna says:

    Hmm… the sleeve looks cool, but I’m with you about the wand. It IS cool but doesn’t look cool 🙂 Maybe if you had a hot beverage cup with a lid? That way you wouldn’t have to see the sludge????

  2. kirsten says:

    Yeah…I think the sleeve is cool too – but the wand thing, EH…how was the cleanup factor???

  3. Natalie says:

    Great post Alison, and I totally agree about the Java Wand! I love the way the coffee tastes but it sure is ugly to look at. I guess it’s a good reason to keep my eyes on what I’m doing while I drink coffee. Thanks a lot for the review!

  4. Michelle says:

    Just curious…you mentioned that you liked the fact that the cozy’s made out of wool felt rather than neoprene. Why is that? Thanks for the interesting post 🙂

  5. afesler says:

    Sure – I like that wool is natural, and wicks away the water but dries quickly. It also has insulative properties, which is nice.

    Neoprene is great – but it smells weird to me! I also like the feel of the wool.

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