Its like a Mary Poppins box.

So – first, I am just getting into the whole “shop online” thing. Most places require you to pay with a credit card, and I need to shop at places that let you pay with another method, preferably PayPal.

A couple of years ago, I was looking for an alternative to the thick plastic reusable Nalgene water bottles. They have BPA and leech chemicals, and that is, in my opinion, not good. I really try to consume things with out chemicals added, plus I was using cloth napkins at that point, and trying to figure out what else I could do in that vein, to balance that I don’t recycle and composting kinda grosses me out.

I landed on

I love it there.

It’s been a couple of years now, and I order off their site, many many times… many. They have tons of really NEAT stuff, stuff I need, stuff I decide I need, and stuff I dont need but looks fun. All of my SIGG Bottles have come from there, my bamboo cutlery, etc etc.

I’ve really gotten into the reusable movement, and am trying to incorporate more reusables into life.

SO – what was I talking about – OH – right, the box!!

So this is my box – I ordered in late April, paid via Paypal – got emails as my payment was processed, box was packed, box was shipped, and box arrived – wahoo!

So without further ado – here’s the box…


It’s a small compact box, with limited packaging – wanna see what’s inside – ohhh okay!

It’s like a Mary Poppins carpet bag box – This is what all was inside!

I also added a couple of things I’d picked up over the last couple of weeks and now the layout looks like this…

 What is all the stuff? Well, I’ll tell you…

From the top left

  • Reusable Cold Mug
  • Coffee Wand/Straw
  • Reusable Shopping bags in a fantastic set of patterns
  • Felt Coffee Sleeve for the Take & Toss Days
  • Black plastic w/ handle coffee sleeve for Take & Toss Days

From the bottom left

  • Reusable Produce Bags
  • Bamboo travel cutlery
  • Clothes Pin Chopsticks
  • Wrapping Paper – only its cloth, not paper!

Crazy – eh!

So here’s the thing – I’m going to talk about a couple of these things each day over the next couple of days. Any requests – comment below!

Tonight’s hot items:

Bamboo Cutlery and a preview of the Coffee Wand, which I will play with tomorrow afternoon!

Bamboo Cutlery I love – it feels real, and it doesn’t give you splinters – which I love! Additionally, its easy to stick back in its little pouch and transport. It even has a handy little clip to clip on to the bag or whatever that the lunch goes in, pretty neat. I have a separate set that I love, so I thought I’d expand the collection. Here are a couple of close-ups…

   Neat – yes?

Okay – and now the Coffee Wand… So apparently, you put coffee grounds in the wandy thing, and then you can drink coffee through the glass straw and it makes the one-cup-in-the-afternoon-so-I-dont-go-narcaleptic avoidance much easier. Here’s a photo – should be interesting. I might use one of the sleeves tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll pick carefully when I leave the house – any preferences?

And finally, wondering what the cat’s been up to? Helping me of course – an outtake of our exciting box opening. He wanted to be in the photos…

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One Response to Its like a Mary Poppins box.

  1. Kirsten says:

    Okay, the bamboo cutlery has peaked my interest…and you gotta let us know how the coffee thing turned out. Look at YOU, little reusable queen 🙂 I’m fascinated…but I need to come see all this stuff in person because pictures aren’t satisfying me 🙂

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