A really great weekend!

So – I had a really great weekend.

Friday – was able to stay home and clean the house and get ready.

Saturday – CarrieSmith came for the day, which was very exciting. She got here at 11, and got settled. We hung out with the cat for a bit. He LOVES her, and doesn’t attack, he treats her like he treats me, which is nice to see he can actually do it!

We met JoJo for lunch at Alphies which was great. It was fun to see my 2 tallest friends together. We had a good time chatting and what-not!

From there we did Farmers Market and saw a friend, and then hit Iras Bike Shop to buy a bike. They didn’t have what we needed – but it was fun to go to the local shop and start there. Following that we did the village tour and got a dessert item.

From there it was “Tour de Fesler”.

We stopped by my Moms and checked out the new kitchen, and hung out for a bit. Following that we went to my Dads and had water and sat out in the sun and played with the dogs, and the horses, checked for eggs, and just kinda hung out. I have more to say about those two topics – but I don’t think they are blog comments. Curious – yeah, me too – somewhat of an epiphany…

From there we went to Arts Cyclery in SLO. Carrie looked at bikes, rode the red one around the parking lot twice, and then we bought it. Done. 20 minutes from start to finish! We headed home after that to drop off the new bike and figure out what to do next. We ended up heading back to SLO for dinner and then drove by the Ford dealership so I could see what a Flex looks like.

In there as well, we did grocery storing, looked in the windows of an apartment, got strawberries and CHATTERED the whole time! It was great to have her up here!

Sunday morning, I woke up and was lounging on the sofa drinking coffee, when I got a text.

“please come prom dress shopping with us. pick you up in 20 minutes.”

And so, after a few other texts, I jumped in the shower and got fetched.

I went with Kim and Katie to SB to prom dress shop. It was FUN! We ended up with a great dress for her, as seen here: http://www1.macys.com/catalog/product/index.ognc?ID=394355&CategoryID=5449

the eggplant version.

After finding that beauty, we spent the rest of the day having lunch, walking and shopping in downtown Santa Barbara looking for hair things and shoes and then when the shoes were $300 things to replicate the shoes, and jewelry, and going into every shop we wanted to. It was really VERY of fun!

We drove home and drove through Solvang on the way, and ended up having dinner at the little McLintocks in AG. Following that – I took Kim and Katie on a tour of my Mom’s new kitchen. The funny part is that my Mom wasnt home. So we totally pulled up, did a tour of the house and left. While in giggles – it was great!

And that. was my great weekend.

Had some other things happen – blood in the laundry room, that I called “my police” to find out if I should call “everyone’s police” to report it… the answer was, yeah, blood is worth a call.

And then that other person/situation that had my concerned, but now I’m less concerned.

I totally got sunburned, and was exhausted – but it was a GREAT weekend.

Anyway – a great great weekend.

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