Earth Day the Easy Way

Since it’s Earth Day today, I thought I’d point out my Top 6 simple ways to help make our planet greener…

  1. Take your reusable bags to the grocery store!
    There are ton’s of cute patterns, styles, and sizes. You can even buy them at the grocery store. I have a couple of sets of matching bags, and several others.
  2. Use cloth napkins!
    I learned about this one from a friend a few years ago, and it has been life changing. I now have a wide variety of cloth napkins. Some I’ve purchased, some I’ve made and some that others have made for me. The great thing about cloth napkins is that they can be used for more than one meal, assuming your not eating ribs three times a day.
  3. Find cute reusable water bottles and use them.
    I have quite a selection of reusable water bottles. I prefer SIGG or Kleen Kanteen, and avoid plastic and other things with BPA, but start with any reusable! I put everything in my bottles. Water, Tea, Lemonade… hot and cold.
  4. Lights!
    My father would fall down if he saw this – but if you’re not in the room, turn off the lights. Oh – and the lightbulbs… let’s try to phase out the normal ones, and phase in the wonky ones!
  5. Get rid of wrapping paper!
    I recently started wrapping in fabric! I have a ton of fabric scraps in all sizes. So if you’re a small box, or bottle of wine, or med. sized something, you are going to be given a fabric treatment. It’s saved a ton of paper, and often I’m giving to craftastic people anyways, and that piece of wrapping can be reused in a project… think about a bit, will ya!
  6. Avoid the greenwashed crap.
    Especially today, there are tons of products that have been “Green Washed”. Corporations take their standard products and spin them to be “Green”. In your quest to be green today, take a few minutes to really pay attention to what you’re grabbing, and see if it is’ truly a green solution.

Think about how you can apply the easy-ways to the big parts of your life. Can you make cloth napkins for the students in your classroom? Can you encourage everyone to bring/buy a water bottle to use at school? How can you take simple things like the above and make a difference?

I know for me, we made big changes at my summer, by starting small. We started with cloth napkins… We made over 400 cloth napkins so every person, at every meal has a cloth napkin. It decreased our trash by several bags each day, and added 1 wash/dry cycle. We made reusable bags to haul around our stuff, and are working on reusable bottles for each child… I really think when you start small and scale up… there’s truly an opportunity to make a difference!

A great place to get started to purchase or see more ideas – – my favorite place to shop on the web. It’s a great place for ideas and solutions as well!

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