some Fesler’s on the move


yeah, I know I can’t really pull that one off – but, here’s the deal.

My big-little brother, Jeff, is on his second big adventure. His first he went to Ecuador, and this time he’s in Dubai… yes, Dubai for work for 2 – 6 weeks. He’s been sending back some great updates, and I asked if I could make them onto my blog… he said I could – so voila – check out the link above to “a Fesler in UAE” and enjoy reading. I’ll update that each day, as the recaps come in.

Second, I’m outta here for a weekish of time on a cruise – did you know that? I can’t remember who knows, and who doesnt – but yup, thats the deal.

So I’ll probably do my standard update each day, and since I TWEET now – you can follow me on twitter – or my twitter feed over there to the right, and I’ll tweet randomly and I now know how to tweet photos, so that’ll be fun.

the highlight – I bought a dress, and its got pink on it. whoa, I know!

So check us out – the big-little brother at this link:

and me at this one:

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