A Simple Trip to the Vet

So – I have a cat. His name is Simon. He’s quite cute. He’s 16lbs of black and shiny… except in a few small parts where he once licked all his hair off, and it didn’t grow back. Isn’t he cute – checking out my pantry… That cupboard is 4 feet off the ground and the distance from where his feet are, vs the shelf is about 18 inches – so yeah, hes tall.


As you know – from reading below – he was sick last week. I noticed had had green crap in his eyes – and wasnt acting like his normal self. He only wanted to be ON ME – at all times, which is cute – but not normal. He likes to snuggle, but it was different. Plus he was a little black heater – he was sooooo hot.

With that, we went to the vet. Our vet is great. His name is Max, he’s late 30’s, early 40’s Id guess… He’s just a nice guy, he’s nice to Simon, puts up with his wackiness – its pretty good. So – we arrive, and we put into action “the plan”.

The plan is… Simon goes into a corner, in his box. Carla, Max and I stand on the other side of the room and discuss what all needs to be done. We make a list and then they go back and line up all the instruments. When they are ready for him, they come and get him and take him back – where this is a low/no talking rule. They try not to talk at all, but if they do its very low. They start at the top of the list and go as far as they can until Simon “reaches the end of his tether”. This is usually marked by lots of hissing, growling, and swiping… and in under 5 minutes.

This time he lasted 7 minutes, which is the most he’s ever lasted. Meanwhile, I’m still sittin gin the lobby – because someone has to tell any one that comes in – oh dont worry, they’ll be right out! Becaues it takes all hands. So – he lasted 7 minutes, and then the two out of three rule went into affect. Oh – you don’t have that rule…? oh – okay, well let me explain. At my Vet’s when two out of the three people helping with Simon have been scratched to the point of bleeding – they are done with him and he goes back in the box.

So this time – Max came out and explained what they were able to do, which wasnt much but said the following gems…

“I tried to use the odoscope on his ears and the (eye tool) but those are kind of hard to use from far away.”

“This whole area (waves his hand in a circle in front of his face) is reeeeally dangerous.”

and my favorite…

“the upside is that we got a really good dental exam done. It’s one of the upsides about him rolling his gums back when he hisses!”


So after we discussed what needed to be done, they go back in and do it – this time it took two antibiotic shots… because the first one “missed”. Soooo uhhh at least I know the cat carrier is now free from germs.

After they finish, they bring hte cat back to me in his box – who is totally still hissing, and if you talk to him he hisses and growls.

Meanwhile – Max tried to tell me that his wife’s cat is meaner than Simon, and they can’t do anything with her, and thye have to sedate her each time to do work, etc. And this parting beauty…

“hey – the upside is that at somepoing, he’ll have to be sedated for something, and at that point – we’ll do everything that we never get to on the list, it’ll be great – nails, temperature, eyes, ears – it’ll be fantastic.”

Fantastic. I’ll start saving now.

And that my friends, is the story of my simple trip to the vet.


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3 Responses to A Simple Trip to the Vet

  1. Lynnette says:

    Is it possible to have a meaner cat than Simon? Anything is possible, I guess. I still like the dust pan to protect myself when I visit! It’s true that animals do sense fear and take full advantage of it 🙂 Glad to hear that Mr. Simon is getting back to normal. Now you can get work done and not have a heating pad on you.

  2. Kelly says:

    Eh! El Gato Negro doesn’t scare me. But then again, I’m not trying to take his temp in a not so nice place.

    Ah Simon! He keeps everyone on thier toes! Glad he’s back to “normal”.

  3. Joanna says:

    I love that you’ve worked out a plan with the vet. That totally makes me smile. It sounds like the vet totally ‘gets’ simon and is patient with him (sounds like they’ve got him on his own little IEP of sorts 🙂

    I’m glad to hear he’s feeling better….btw, I think I’m afraid of Max’s wife’s cat 🙂

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