he lives!

he’s back to his normal self!


So the cat is alive and well. He made it through last week although, it was really freaky. I am relieved.

The trip to the vet was really expensive, but it was good we went. It was also highly entertaning – but tha tmight be a story for another day.

In any case the cat slept for nearly 3 days straight – and now he’s back to his normal self, which is great!!

What else?

Oh yes – I’ve reinstated Sunday Night Dinner at my house. It was my favorite part of the week as a kid. My mom would make a big dinner, each Sunday and we’d start the week with a good meal, clean house, and whatever. So I’m bringing it back. Yes – its just me, but no – I dont care. I’ll post what  I made each Sunday over there…. —>

each Sunday night. Tonight was baby back ribs – and they were okay, but not the best ever. My other recipe which I made a couple of weeks ago during the week was way better – but that’s okay.

So I’ve done… lamb, chicken, pork, I think Turkey is next.

Anyway – that’s all.

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