The week in review…

Well – long time, no post! So a long one to catch up!

This week has been interesting. Work was crazy – but not bad. Last week was SILENCE – because tons of people were at Pulse, so those of us that were not there had a super quiet week. This week however everyone that was at Pulse was digging out of thier email/project pile, which meant those of us taht weren’t there were getting buried by thier shovels. So – a few long days.

Heres a few randoms:

  • FIRST – Ding Ding – JoJo – you are right. I have 136 pairs of those. Anyone know why we call them “pairs”… And yes – when I told my mother that number, her question was “are they all servicable” – and yes. They are. Scary but true. the funny part to me is that my “visible to the public” warddrobe is all solids – the basic jeans, pants, whatever – but nearly all my tops are brown, black, navy, green… I have the occasional oddball brighter colors, but that’s it. My other collection though couldnt be further from that – its my own private joke, apparently.


  • SECOND – So – to clarify, here’s my personal rundown of sleep wackiness…
    • Things I do: Sleepwalking, Sleepy hallucinations, Exploding head syndrome,  REM behavior disorder, insomnia
    • Things I don’t: Nighmare Disorder, Night Terrors, nocturnal seep-related eating disorder, sexsomnia
    • I was starting to type “well, the upside is that I dont do them all frequently” – but that’s crap. I run through the cycle fairly often. I think the one that I was most relieved to read about was “exploding head” because that one is enough to make you CRAZY! The bang/crash/whatever is really disturbing, especially when you wake up and think someone else should have heard it… It’s interesting – sharing a room with someone is alwasy interesting for me, because I’m freaked out I’m goign to do those things, and so I typically don’t sleep all that well because I’m  paranoid I’m going to do wierd things. Ditto on events/especially back in the days of T2. At least I know that stress, a really messy sleeping space, and being REALLY tired makes it worse, its a vicious cycle. Also- cold rooms, and being weighted down by blankets or whatever, keep me “landed”. JEEEEEEEEZ enough about my wierdness!!


  • THIRD – I’m loving Twitter! It’s SO much fun. I tweet semi-regularily now, you can watch my feed over there –>
    Im starting to accumulate followers, and have been following some interesting conversations.


  • FOURTH – The little brother is moving. He found a couple of places in better areas of up there, and is going to move, which is great. We’ll all feel better when he’s in a safer location. He got broken into a few weeks back, its not been good for him. OH – and he just found out that he’s going on a work trip. TO DUBAI – for 3 weeks. I know, crazy right. It’ll be a good expierence for him! Now – the question is what souvenier to I want to request him to bring back for me. What do they sell there that they don’t have here… ?


  • FIFTH – the /t/ key is breaking on this computer. I have to hit it hard in order to make it work. otherwise I dont get enough t’s.


  • SIX and SEVEN – My Christmas decorations are STILL up. It’s not like I’m all Christmas-paloooza or whatever, I just sorta blur it out, and don’t see it. Crazy. And finally, I got a new heater in my office – wahoo! Its warm again.


So that’s it for now, next time I’ll try to russel up some photos.

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2 Responses to The week in review…

  1. Joanna says:

    I love that your Mom asked if they were all servicable…that cracks me up 🙂

    Hmm… I surely don’t have that many, maybe more like 30??? I suppose I could go a whole month, but the sad part is, I only LIKE about 15 of them…I’m really not sure why I just don’t throw the others away 😉

  2. Kelly says:

    Seriously? Man! I need to go shopping! I only have two weeks worth.

    Twitter? Yet another thing I just can’t bring myself to do. The first being Facebook.

    Hopefully this week will be a quiet week for you at work.

    See ya Saturday!

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