The Random Crap

Here’s a list of Random Crap I’d like to share.

– My family claimed themselves as hillbillies not hicks this weekend. Things that that means we’re “allowed to do”:

– talk about firing off butt rockets

– be large and in charge

– have very large/loud discussions about equal rights. OHHH Lord, I was super quiet through this one. Like. Crickets. I wasnt goign to participate in a conversation that started a fight with out a way to escape. But – we all are all about equal rights. Every single one of them. Gay Marriage – sign this family up, we’re totally supportive. For alot of reasons – but it came back to, that we don’t discrimiate in the US, and the constituation says “All men were created equal” and that is that. I was SOOOO proud of the fam!

– My Christmas decorations are still up.

– I have enough laundry that I think I could take up 8 washers and dryers. HOW does that happen.

– My heater is broken in the office. Today it got to 63 in my office. A reminder that I heart my heater.

– I apparently dreamt that my dad and I worked in a department store because I apparently paged him over and over and over again in my sleep “Dennis 4-3-2-1, Dennis 4-3-2-1”

– Jeff F. made it back from Ecuador today. He’d been there for a week lifegaurding at Carnival. He uh… made it back but is really really sick. He got stung by smething that made his legs swell up like crazy, and also then got violently ill from he doesnt know what. Apparently, the violently ill snuck up on him while he was on the plane, and he uh… wasnt near enough to teh bathroom. So if you were on the flight from Ecuador to LAX tonight and got barfed on by the super tall, super tan kid… uhhhh the family apologies. Gross, but true. Apparently the plane people ended up moving all sorts of people around so that he could be next to the bathroom… but I guess it was really a bad bad flight.bad.

– That is all.

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2 Responses to The Random Crap

  1. Joanna says:

    Yikes! Your poor brother (and the poor bastard that had to sit next to him).

  2. Kelly says:

    hillbillies vs hicks. Not sure how they are different. =) I need definitions of both please.

    Totally laughed at paging Dennis 4-3-2-1. I could totally picture you calling that out in your sleep.

    Your poor brother! That must have been a VERY.long.flight.from.hell. For everyone involved. Glad to hear he’s home safe.

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