Yesterday and Today

No doubt, yesterday was long. However, it was a great long!!

First – a baby shower. So fun!

Then – church set-up – turned out to be low key and easy!

Followed by  – a visit to my Moms so taht I wouldnt go home and fall asleep.

Then – blogger dinner! What a great way to end the evening. 5 hours in a Marie’s talking, getting caught up, sharing stories and getting to spend time with my IRL friends, in IRL. It was fun too for the different folks to all meet each other. A couple of photos…

So- up above, the group. And down below – me rocking Kaleenas new hat. Can’t wait to make my own! On the right – the bloggers. Woot.

Today has been a long day – I’d like to say, I was nearly half asleep on the sofa, with the cat, and he started making THE SOUND. OMG – if you know that sound, your move FAST. I raaaaaaaaaaaaced into the bathroom – where he spewed all over the floor, gross. and then he ran out and I caught him again and he landed on the kitchn floor. So I tossed him into the (dry) shower, and now he’s trying to jump out. Which is never good. It’s a glassed in tub shower – and he’s making a valient effort to leap over the 8 foot glass door. I’d best rescue him.

Okay – well…. he’s out now.

This morning – started getting up earlier than I do most days for work, in order to do that whole – shower, get dressed in real clothes with hair did and make up. Got to church at 745, worked to do final prep of the breakfast, finalize the power point, set up the tech, and get ready. Joint Service at 9AM. 2 NEW FAMILIES – yay, apparently some girl that I went to highschool with?? Not really sure…

Then the breakfast and Annual Meeting – it went really well. from 1045 – 1215. Given all the things that we had to cover – it was really well. Made it through my Thank You slide with out getting toooooo emotional, so that was good. My mom and I went out to celebrate and had Crab Benedict with homefries – it was soooooo good. After a brief trip through Trader Joes, I made it home at like 350… long day, but rewarding, and a huge weight lifted. Woooooot.

I’ve been giving myself a break until 6pm, at which point I need to bag laundry, do the dishes, clean out the refridgerator, and tidy the living room. I figure if I go hard for 2 hours, I’ll be done by the time the Grammys start – which I’m excited for. I love watching the perofmrances, and this time in particular – i want to watch Pink – whom I love… and ZBB – which is my new found discovery.

Cat update – I let him out, he immediatly sprinted towards his food and scarfed it down. Will have to see if he can eat with out spewing, we’re in good shape. If he begins the spewing… I’m bummed, because that means a trip to a vet tomorrow.

Allright- thats it.

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2 Responses to Yesterday and Today

  1. Joanna says:

    Last night was SO fun and a reminder that there is always a common thread that makes each of us connect in a different way. It was so fun to share and to get to know one another better.

    I can’t wait to do it again. I’m thinking that it would be fun to pull info from each blog and do some kind of super-blogger-jeopardy.

    I’m glad that today went well for you. I imagine that you’re feeling awfully responsibility free starting tomorrow. Enjoy TV tonight. I plan on doing the same, except I’ll be tuned to Big Love, the dugger special and brothers and sisters (not sure if that one is on though)

  2. Kelly says:



    How good does that feel? I’m glad it went well and that it’s over. What a huge weight lifted from your shoulders.

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