Two Days

Okay – so I’m really tired. I typed exhausted, but then I looked it up.

The online dictionary defines exhausted as: drained of energy or effectiveness; extremely tired

Unfortunatlye, I don’t have time to be exhausted today or tomorrow. I really don’t. It would be nice – but maybe I’ll try to be exhausted next week. Or – well really, in August. We’ll see. I’m gonna stick with really tired.

Today and tomorrow are crazy busy. Here’s what it looks like (and really MOST of you will be at one or more than one of these things).

8am – wake up to enjoy doing nothing.

11am – baby shower for meech

3pm – meet fred e at church to do tables and chairs, and mic and speakers and video projector and a whole list of other things

5pm? – blogger dinner. YAY blogger dinner

depending on what time that is over – visit a bachelorette party


7am – arrive at church to set up and help prepare for

9am – joint service

1030 – breakfast

1045 – Annual Meeting – prepared and led by me. Picture me in the parish hall in front of the church population talking doing the business part and leading people through the discussions an reports about – budget, buildings and grounds, worship, education, fellowship, social activities, outreach, youth an dfamily, and then I have two sections for “opening” and “closing remarks”. Wahoo.

That should be done by 1230. Then theres the clean up.

ThenI have to come home and do all the things I should have done last night – dishes, sort laundry, DO laundry, and prep for the week. Which means grocery shopping, ink buying, post office going, living room cleaning up, etc.

And then its Monday.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m EXCITED about the stuff today, and I’m EXCITED to get through tomorrow. I’m just tired, and since I have to all pepped up and energetic and focused and whatever for tomorrow – I really don’t have time to be exhausted.

I’ll try to schedule exhausted for another time. Maybe next weekend?

Overall though – its been a good week. Cheerio!

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