Random Thoughts about Television.

So – I would like to acknowledge that I’m very. to the left. I respect that not everyone is, and I always try to be aware of that and keep religion, politics out of it. It occasionally pops in and while I don’t apologize, I also don’t intend to start a debate about things…

With that said – here are some of my random thoughts about televeision.

* HOLY SMOKES – Kish is HAWT. Very beautifully done, and tasteful, and WOW – Kish. is. HOT.

* I hope Stacey goes away, and Kish keeps the baby.

* I miss Roseanne, I really liked that show – glad that JG is on TV again.

* I’m done with Franco.

* Domte is funner as he’s on longer.

* Marie Osmonds head is much smaller. She needs smaller hair to match it.

* Really did we need to see the blood TBL. I think not.

* Loving DVR.

* Can BW please retire now. As in. Yesterday.

* Can Chris go back to GMA and replace G. Snuffelapagus, that’d be great.

Thats all for now. I’ll add to it I’m sure.

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2 Responses to Random Thoughts about Television.

  1. Joanna says:

    Um… interpreter please. I only understand 2/10. I know who roseanne is but what the heck is JG? And I know about Marie Osmond, but now must go google a picture of her head.

    I’m baffled….I’m not sure what being a ‘lefty’ has to do with this…please tell me that I’m not the only one who is in the dark?????

  2. Kelly says:

    I’m with ya Joanna. Alison you crack me up! I got 4/10. Wanna ellaborate???

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