I am proud of my self…

So if you read down a bit – you’ll see my

So – I thought I would give a little update – cause I am PROUD of myself!

So – here they are, and a status:

A. No more soda.
Totally doing it, but this is the easy one!

B. Join the gym, and go there.
Done! Joined yesterday – went today, going tomorrow.

C. Eat salad for one meal a day.
Doing it! 3 days in a row.

D. Take more photos of the things that I do and do something with them.
Figuring it out – I think I know what I’m going to do.

E. Get back in the water (really – this should be B.1)
Yay – did this today. I swam laps for 30 minutes today at the gym. I didnt take a break, I didnt stop or stand up – I just kept going. I think my arms are going to fall off here shortly, but I did it.

F. Drink water.
Fail. This whole water thing is a challenge. I’m great at flavored beverages – which is why I love tea, and why I love soda, and coffee – but plain water is always a challenge… I also have “chemical issues”.  Things like Crystal Light and other mix-ins always make me nervous because they are totally chemicals that your adding in, and I’m not sure I dig that.  Oh well – suggestions below? I’ve tried cucomber and lemon, cucumber and orange, …. lemon, lime and orange slices…

H, I, J – Those I’m keeping to myself.
Yup – still doing that. … I apparently skipped G… hmmm…

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