These are them

So after much thought… here is what I am going to do in 2010. In no particular order.

A. No more soda.

B. Join the gym, and go there.

C. Eat salad for one meal a day.

D. Take more photos of the things that I do and do something with them.

E. Get back in the water (really – this should be B.1)

F. Drink water.

H, I, J – Those I’m keeping to myself.

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One Response to These are them

  1. Kelly says:

    Good for you! I’m not making any resolutions this year. =)

    I would die without Diet Pepsi. It’s bad enough that I HAVE to give up all dairy right now. WTH am I supposed to do without ice cream?? Ugh.

    So…. did we skip G on purpose or is that also a secret? ha

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