Today I did this…

 and it satisfies 2 of my New Years Resolutions…

Arrival at the beach…

Waiting for the festivities to begin.

… and AWAY we go… and go some more!

Me “running” back in… ha ha. running. in a bathing suit. in public. at the BEACH. Clearly, “running” is used very uh… judiciously.

Attempts at a Group Shot…

Attempt 1: We look great, where’s KATE!!

Attempt 2: Still missing KATE – we look less good.

Attempt 3: All of, not exactly ready – and SOMEONE (Either Anna or Is, is about to get smacked by Marky, while he’s yelling EL STUPIDO, with love of course.

Attempt 4: Eh, close enough. Apparently my dad didn’t get that he needed to get WITH THE OTHER CAMERAS.

If you havent figured it out – I did the Polar Bear Dip in Cayucus this mid morning. We Dipped/Dived at noon, I went totally under – it was fab. And then we went to the Main Street Grill for lunch in Cambria, and then I went to PASO to get something I needed, and then headed home.

What did you do today?

Oh – and my New Years Resolutions… those are for tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Today I did this…

  1. Kelly says:

    OMG! Burrrr! Good for you

    What did I do? Lounged in my pj’s all day. =)

  2. Kirsten says:

    Holy frozen nipples batman! I can’t believe you DID that – and I’m SO FREAKING PROUD OF YOU!!!!! hahahahahaha!
    I’ve always wanted to do that, but I’ve never had the cojones – you go on with your bad self girl 🙂

    And I was in Paso today too….hanging with friends and eating junk food – it was great.

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