Q&A 2: Answers

Okay – so here we go. Thanks to Joanna for the majority of the questions…

I’ve lumped all the Christmas one’s together…

Does “my santa” wrap?
Yup – the Santa that visit’s the Fesler family wraps. I know the next question is “was there special fat man paper?” and the answer is – I don’t know – I can’t remember!

What was the best Christmas present you ever got?
Ummm… I’ve thought about this for days, and I don’t know.

What is your favorite thing about Christmas?  
I don’t really have a favorite thing about Christmas… and while theres tons of other things to say about that, I’m just going to leave it at that.

Did you play with Barbies as a child? If so, which one was your favorite?
I didn’t. I’m sure I had one at some point, but I grew up on a ranch, with boys and Barbies just werent part of the equation.

What one item would you take with you to an island (other than basic supplies?)
A motion powered radio, a solar powered generator, a motion powered flashlight, snorkle gear, a visor,
What’s the best book you’ve ever read?
I don’t know. I love books. I have shelves of them. I have several “go-to” series, authors, and books. I don’t know that I can put my finger on the best one. I think “Good in Bed” was a turning point – really hit home for me, the first time a plus size heroine wasn’t a sad faced plus size heroine – and its just hella funny.
Do you get sea sick?
Not really – I get “boat uncomfortable”. I get motion sickness on super curvey roads, and I get motion sickness if I try to read while passengering in a car, but as far as sea sick… not really. I usually take precautions against it. However, I’m fairly uncomfortable on boats. I enjoy swimming and its my primary form of excercise, so thats not what concerns me – but for whatever reason, boats make me uncomfortable.

If you were only allowed to watch ONE channel on the TV, which one would it be?
Ummm… ABC. News, “my stories”, decent dramas and comedys, good late night programming.
Would you rather be Kate Gosselin, Michelle Dugger, or Amy Rolloff?
Michelle Duggar. I wouldnt want to be a single mom of 8 kids and married to JG. I think Matt Roloff is a giant asshat, and thier kids are seemingly nice, but with out a lot of boundaries, and I enjoy being tall (which is totally un-pc). Michelle Duggar has a loving, caring husband that stands next to her. I admire her conviction to her faith and politics. They live debt free and seem to coordinate thier brood of kids well. There are things I don’t know that we would see eye to eye on… faith, politics, interpretation of the bible, application to life, general way of living… but on paper, she has the situation, and the support that I would like the most of those three.

Have you ever worn a pair of high heels?
So, I’m assuming this question was asked because since you’ve met me, I’ve only been in some variety of birkenstocks, crazy sneakers and comfortable clothes. AKA – the upside of working from home. So – yes. I’ve worn heels many many times. I currently have several pairs in my closet, and have them for super fancy, business casual, wear with jeans, shit kicker boots, clogs, etc. I have kitten heels, spiked heels, sparkley ones… When I worked in an actual office, and traveled for work, I quite often wore them.

What was the best surprise you ever got?
When I turned 21 (I’ve told this before), OKs had a big bowl of cranberry sauce (my fav. food) with a Happy Birthday! sign stuck in it. We were in the middle of no-where Pennsylvania, and the fact that they remembered my birthday and had that… was pretty neat.

If you could have any job in the world (& you could snap your fingers and make yourself qualified for it) what would it be?
No idea. It definetly changes over time. I never thought I’d be doign what I do now. I don’t know if I ever thought I would be actually doing what I went to college for, which is probably a big contributer to why I screwed around so much and didn’t finish. And – there are things that I think I’d like to do. I loved doing large scale special events, but don’t miss the travel, and yet I do miss the travel. So I don’ t know, I really try to live in the moment and go with it… I’m not so great at thinking ahead or back or putting that kinda hat on… sorry!

What is your alltime favorite kind of candy?

Are you allergic to anything?
I’m alleric to: erythromyasan, zythromyasan, lodine, penicillin and a couple of other things. That means – no z-pac for me when illness strikes. I’m also allergic to commercial grade dish “sterilizer” used by many restaurants/camps in thier gigantic dishwashers.

If you had plenty of money and didn’t have to work – what would you be doing?
traveling! volunteering! reading! sewing! traveling!

If you had a child, what would you prefer first – a boy or a girl?
I have no idea…
What is a movie you can watch over and over and over?
Brokeback Mountain – I find that story heartbreaking, and the movie beautiful and Little Miss Sunshine

Or a book you can read over and over and over?
The “by the numbers” series by Janet Evanovich, Twilight Series, several others

Knowing you have traveled quite a bit, where have you been where you felt you could happily live – if you weren’t living here?
Oregon, Seattle, Alaska, Minneapolis, Saucilito, Burbank, Pasadena

What is your favorite holiday?
I don’t typically enjoy holidays. I fake it well, but currently I don’t have a favorite.

If you could go back and do high school all over again, would you do it??
Uh – no. Nope. I enjoyed Burnardoz, Sr. Year flag team, doing camp in the summers, hanging out with the boys in Mr. T’s office each morning – but generally speaking – no.
What is your favorite pizza place?
Here – Klondike
Seattle – Pagaliachi

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2 Responses to Q&A 2: Answers

  1. kaleena says:

    Wait! Can I turn in a late submission question for half credit: What is one thing that never fails to make you smile?

  2. Joanna says:

    Totally random comments:

    I think we (the collective blog readers- can I speak for them all?) want to see photos of the shoes. I clearly don’t have any high-heels because I just had to google ‘kitten’ heels…and spiked, really? I asked NOT because of what I normally see you in, but because you’re tall like me…

    Which brings me to my very favorite part ‘I enjoy being tall’..which TOTALLY made me laugh. Wacthing Matt get on that horse last week made me say ‘ouch!’ and be a little more thankful for my height…

    Gobstoppers..I would have never guessed

    Burbank, really? I’ve really only ever driven through…what’s there???

    and, finally, Kristen- is there really anyone that would want to do highschool over???

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