And with that,

my holiday decorating is complete.

I went minimalist…

I replaced my candles on my mirror with those ornament ball things, and added my two angel candle holders.


My mantle has 2 little groupings of red/green glass things, a nativity scene, and my beautiful pewter advent wreath. It also has 2 vases of glass ornament balls in them, and hanging on my mirror is a mercury glass star.


Thats all. That’s it. I’m done, and don’t try to tell me to do more.

I also have –

a village of these houses (one a year for 20 years, sometimes we got 2 – I literally have a village.) Actually – I think I only have 4 of them here, the other 20+, plus my brothers 15 or so live at my Moms house, and she puts out the entire village most years. In recent years, she’s had “districts”… the shopping district, the residential district, the entertainment district – spread between various pieces of furniture in the living room. When I live in house with suitable display area, and 87x more storage than waht I have now – I think I get to/have to take them. They are beautiful when they are up – but take up a TON of storage space, and are a PIA to get them up, and down… squeaky styrofoam.

5 of these Santas

9 feet of garland

ornaments and lights to cover it all

and 2 other bins of random holiday crap.

and I’m not putting it out, because I’m going minimalist. The. End.

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