Part 1.


Part 2 tomorrow.

Part 3 on Sunday.

Recap of Part 1:


– Made coffee and read my book.

– Figured out what my appetizer could be

– Stopped at my Moms to pick up a nearly finished craft project, a joint effort project.

– Left there late, got to Anns – too late to eat my appetizer. sad times. I’ll take it tomorrow.

– Stopped at Walmart to pick up some stuff, looked at all the stuff with signs on it and on pallets for tomorrow.

– Home, have finished the dual effort project, wrapped it and the other thing.

– Baked 18 sweet potatoes to turn into a cassarole tomorrow.

– Me, blanket, black cat, on the sofa watching “Whatever Martha!”


I liked Part 1, am grateful to have spent the afternoon with Ann and the family. Totally forgot about my Uncle when explaining to Aunt Lynn’s (whose the ex-wife of my cousins dad, whose also my cousin – Mark the cousin in question was not invited, but Lynn always is – which currently works for everyone… ) man-friend Vard, how we’re all related. It went something like this “Well, Uncle Patrick is my grandmothers first cousin. And thier Nanny is my Nanny’s sister. So, Shans Dad and my Dad are first cousins, which makes us… second cousins. And Shan’s Dad and my dad are the same age…”…. pipes in Rex (whose Marks younger/Anns older brother)… “and your uncle”… me: “huh”… Rex: “Don, your uncle – they’re all the same age”… OHHHHHHHHHHHH right – my dads TWIN brother – can’t forget him. Jeesh.

Hey – what’d my grandmother bring
prepacked vegetables and dip – cold and still sealed in the original package.
aka – safe to eat

That 10 year olds a CHEATER

Rummikube doesnt suck as bad as I thought it did.


The end for now, a Part 2 (Dad and family) update tomorrow.


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