Today’s Temperatures

Today’s blog is going to be about temperatures.

7AM: 53 outside, 60 in my office

8AM: 57 outside, 63 in my office.

9AM: 60 outside, 67 in the office (with the heater on, and has been on for 30 min)

10AM: 63 outside, 70 inside (have just turned the heater off)

11AM: 64 outside, 67 in the office. No heater on.

830pm: 58 outside, 68 in my office, currently 65 in the living room.

AND – since your all RIVETED by my weather updates, I’ll update one more time before I climb under my electric blanket heated flannel sheets, and start this all again tomorrow.

Clearly, your relieved.

I’m not sure this gets much more exciting – but we’ll see.

There has been conversation/discrepency about my version of “cold” as it relates to the temperature outside vs in my house. So – CARRIE SMITH (who doesnt read the blog) – I’m tracking it.

I know, buckle your seatbelts, nothing but excitement over here.

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