Because other wise I wouldnt


because I have nothing. to say.

Here’s what I did today:

  • 1215am: Listened to the police return my 16 year old neighbor to his house. Listened to his terrible mother, tell the police that she was done with him and was surrendering him to someone else tomorrow (which was also today).
  • 620am: Woke up when El Gato Negro wanted under the covers. And 20 minutes after that he wanted out. And 20 minutes after that he wanted under, until 8:45
  • 845am: Got up. Stared blankly into space.
  • 9:43: Decided that if I was going to go to church at 10 that I really needed to get in the shower 20 minutes ago.
  • 9:56: Got out of the shower.
  • 10:09: Arrived at Church. Church is 7 minutes away from my house.
  • 12:00: Left church and ended up going on a brief shopping trip with my Mother.
  • 12:20: Announced in teh car that I was going to lose my ability to be a pleasant person if I did not have caffiene to consume in 10 minues or less, and no I didnt care what variety it was, but I’d asked nicely 3 times to please pull over at one of the three places we’d seen, and I was not goign to be able to ask nicely again.
  • 12:22: Venti Vanilla Iced Coffee with room.
  • 1pm: Home.
  • 1:30pm: Listened to my neighbor surrender her 16 year old to the police.
    Police Officer: Do you have anything you’d like to say to him, any final words?
    Her: Yeah – you’ve made my life miserable. Your a rotten child, and I hoep I never see or hear from you again.
    Police Officer: Okay then, we’re leaving now
    Her: I’m not done
    Police Officer: Well, we’re leaving anyway.
    Her: I’ve been a mother for 39 years, and I’m a really good mother, and he is just a rotten kid, and a horrible person, and…
    Police Officer: Good bye now
  • 135pm: Said a quick prayer of gratitude for getting the kid out of her house. Best thing that ever happened to him, he has a chance now.
  • 200: lunch and bad tv
  • 300: book looking and bad tv
  • 5:00: Nothingness
  • 630: Dinner: Salmon en croute, baby yams and sweet potatoes

And that brings me to here, and really – I could haev left 93% of that out – but whatever. Itis what it is.

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2 Responses to Because other wise I wouldnt

  1. kirsten says:

    yay for posting 🙂
    Don’t you just hate the neighbor drama? Some people are so unbelievable…if she could get her head out of her ass and realize that her kid is a mess because she says awful things like THAT to him – then maybe she would learn what the problem is. Positive reinforcement people!
    Maybe you should give her a copy of that book love and logic? hehehe
    I feel bad for the poor kid honestly

  2. Laura says:

    That boy is going to need some serious therapy! Poor kid! I can’t wait for the day we live in a place with out a common wall…oh the neighbor drama….

    P.S. You crack me up with the way you describe your day!

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