And it was


This poppinswas great!

Some highlights:

  • Man at the door: “How many in your party?”
    Kim: “5… no wait… who am I missing?…. oh right, 5 plus whats-her-name”
    MatD: “So…. 6?”
    Total hilarity – if you don’t know the “whats her name” and “She” stories – I’ll have to fill you in.
  • At the top of our lungs: “YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” to flag down Denette
  • Laura (whose 92, and against alcohol): “What is that”
    Me: “What?”
    Laura: “That, what is that”
    Me: “Oh… ummmm….. It’s uh…. Diet Coke.”
    Laura: “Wheres the ice?”
    Me: “errrrrr… I dont like cold things, so I asked for it with out ice”
    Katie (whose 16): “Really – soda too? How cold is it, can I taste it”
    Me: “no”
    Katie: “How come”
    Laura: “You should let her taste it… blah balkdjfwoieuraskjdfa;lksjf aioweqrhn taste it taste it”
    Me: “Nah – I dont share cups”
    (at this point laura has moved on, katie hasnt)
    Katie: “No really – how come I cant taste it”
    cue hilarity
  • Me: “Wheres Mark?”
    Kim (his wife): “Out with the smokers”
    Me: “why?”
    Kim: “He had to fart, and it already smells out there.”

The show was great as well, it entertained as well as the family did. There was a great part in the show with a net – totally funny. I think the guy that played the lead channeled my friend Cathy’s son, Ben, in a really concrete way! We had a lot of fun and are planning the winter viewing. I wasnt so impressed with the vaudville review at the end, but the actually Scary Poppins was great – I reccomend it.

Today – I wore a cowboy hat to a Merry Un-Birthday Party. If your a Disney person you know what this is and why I wore a hat. I still don’t really get it -but I rocked my cowboy hat. Its getting cracky – so I need a “festive band” to put around the base.

Currently, I’m holding down my sofa, debating dinner, and trying to read a book.

What are you doing?

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One Response to And it was

  1. Cousin Kelly says:

    Dad and Shell are going to Scary Poppins tonight and I hate you all for it!! Why does it have to stop showing the week before I go home!?!?

    Currently sitting on the couch thinking about what to make for dinner (perhaps Jambalaya and cornbread?) and trying to decide if I have enough motivation to bake something delicious…just because.

    What are the T-Day plans?

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