Mid Month(ish) Recap: SMART Goals

Okay – see over there…. to the right of the where your looking now…

Yup – my SMART Goals for October.

This post is going to be reviewing my status against those goals. I’m afraid it’s going to be a short, boring post. So, I apologize in advance.

– Join PBAC, Exit F19 and Curves
Status: Havent completed this yet. I don’t know what my problem is. I will say that I’ve gotten a new suit and swimcap, so as soon as I join PBAC, I’m ready to go. My goals is to do this today.

– Attend one fun social activity per week
Status: Success!! (Gleeks, Trip to LA, Gleeks, this week – upcoming adventure to far away land with family…)

– Find and make one healthy change to my nutrition
Status: Tank. Suck. Bad. I’ve tried a few different things and so far, havent stuck with anyone thing. I’ve tried adding vitamin supplements, but had some interesting burning gut moments. I continue to try to choke down water each day, with out success. I attempted a “salad daily” situation – but am struggling in this goal.


So – I have until October 31, and then will be posting new goals.


Good times.

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One Response to Mid Month(ish) Recap: SMART Goals

  1. Kelly says:

    Lynnette and I are trying to figure out what Exit F19 is. Hummm….. lost on that one.

    Well, you’re making good progress! I think it’s great that you’ve set reasonable goals for yourself. Keep at it girlfriend! =)

    Have a great time with the fam!

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