GLEEks – a recap

A fun night!

Tons of food (that I forgot to take a photo of):

– Almond (Pecan) Rocha cookies
– Olives
– Cheesey Goodness
– Chips and Salsa
– 7 Layer Dip
– Tie Dyed/Rainbow-ey Cupcakes.

Since I made the cupcakes, I have pictures of those! So – here is the finished product-

This is what the finished product and display looked like:

photo 4 photo5

Cute, eh… little unassuming cupcakes. Note the “fancy” sprinkles on the top. I gve up after doing one that way.

So… in honor of GLEE… they are a little colorful inside!



photo 3

I was shooting for a tie-dye look, but ended up with a funky rainbow situation. Each one is a little different because they each had different amounts/colors in each – some had all, some had one or two – it was fun.

I knocked off that rainbow cake thing, and someother cupcakes I saw on Google.

Anyway – a fun night, and now I have to go. Work is calling!


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4 Responses to GLEEks – a recap

  1. Laura says:

    We love this show!! Love the cupcakes fun!

  2. kirsten says:

    how in the HELL did you make those rainbow awesome cupcakes???????????????????????

  3. Alison says:

    Ahhh – well, I was inspired by Joannas post a few months ago, about St. Patricks day.

    But – I wanted to shoot for a funky tie-dye look… so I googled, and ended up at this link – and then just sorta modifed from there…

    This is one of a BUNCH of options:

    It was fun!

  4. April says:

    I am bummed that I am too far away to participate in GLEEk night 😦 Thanks for the invite though. Maybe over the holidays???

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