No – he didn’t come

Hello from Los Angeles.

This is what greeted me as I tried to pack yesterday afternoon for my brief trip to LA.
(The glowing eyes are because of the flash, NOT because he’s possessed!!!!!!)

Simon Far.jpg Simon Close.jpg

After some discussion, and a few rounds of toss the cat out of the luggage… we agreed that he could sit on the bed, but that he couldnt come. Sad. He looked quite pathetic under the coffee table as I left yesterday.

So – I’m currently in LA, playing with Carrie. Actually – nsm playing, and more apartment hunting. She’s moving, and the name of the game is find a place.

We looked at eight? maybe? – we lost count – we think we went in 7, but it’s all a blur.

Tomorrow is more apartment hunting with the addition of car driving. It’ll be fun.

Tonight – she went to birthday dinner for an 8 year old, and then afterwards we went to a movie at The Grove. We saw Whip It! – it was great.

Currently – we’re slouched on the sofa, with dueling computers, cause thats how exciting of people we are.

Back home tomorrow…

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