Brilliant! If I do say so, myself

Last night I made soup… a good amount of soup.

I typically make a lot of soup, and then flat freeze it in ziplock bags in the freezer, so that when I want soup, I grab a bag – I have a serving size, and voila. Soup.

So last night I made butternut squash soup – recipe below. It was really really good, but when I went to freeze it – I realized that I had 1 freezer bag in quart size, and 1 freezer bag in gallon size, which doesnt work. I need several quart size bags to freeze in serving sizes.

AND THEN IT CAME TO ME… and I ended up with this:

bags1 bags2

I had disposable cupcake tins – 2 packages, so 6 tins – so I figured – hmmmm why not give it a try. I filled up each well with soup, covered it with foil, and froze it! AND THEN – this morning I popped them out, and stuck them in my gallon size bag, and – LOOK – 1/2 cup chunks of soup. Taaa Dah!! I ended up filling completely up 2 tins, so 12 1/2 cup blocks of soup – which is very exciting. This is a small recipe for me – I usually end up with twice this much soup, so this was good to practice with.

And it’s tasty!! – Recipe Below.

Butternut Squash Soup

In a pot on med/high heat put –
1 package of pancetta from Trader Joes and some olive oil
Cook it until it’s done.
Pull out the pancetta when it’s done, leaving the drippings and oil in the pot. Drain the pancetta and stick it in a bag to use for salads.
Add one box of pre-diced onions from TJ’s to the pot.
Cook until soft and delcious looking.
Add salt, pepper, nutmeg to this…
Peel and chop one potato, dump that in the pot.
Dump 1 package of butternut squash all chopped up (also from TJs) in too.
Dump 1 box of chicken stock or broth in the pot
Simmmer for 20 minutes until things are all soft
Option A: Dump in leftover roasted butternut sqaush (that was roasted with nutmeg, cinnamon, brownsugar)
Option B: Increase original butternut squash to 3 -4 packages…
Simmer some more, until everything is hot and soft.
Stick blend it all together until its thick and creamy, add some milk/cream/etc to make it extra delicious and creamy.
Eat! Enjoy! and when cool enough to handle, freeeeeze in muffin tins!
Woot Woot!
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4 Responses to Brilliant! If I do say so, myself

  1. Joanna says:

    This IS a brilliant idea…I’ll have to try it (now only if I liked butternut squash soup)

  2. Lynnette says:

    What a clever idea! I’ll have to try that with the potato soup I love that I make too much of!

  3. Laura says:

    How “Martha” of you! I love this idea!

  4. Kelly says:

    Smart and resourceful! Plus, you save all those bags. =)

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