Updated: Liiiiiive from some park in I don’t know where Indiana…

It’s “Overnight Dispatch with Alison”.

That’s right people, I’m online from Lake Sullivan in Indiana.

So, it’s 1:30AM here, and I have about 5 hours left in my overnight shift, and all the walkie’s are charged, it’s an “all-in-one” so I don’t have to pack up dispatch, and basically I’m just waiting for it to be 5am, so I can start doing wake-up calls on the various channels.

So I thought I’d provide a brief recap of my adventures up to now. I left on Friday morning, and nearly missed my flight. I literally walked up to the desk, as they were announcing me over the loud speaker… that’s never happened before. But, I made it – and was able to not have to check both my bags on the flight, however – when doing so I totally forgot that you can’t take things bigger than 3 ounces – so I hope the SLO airport staff really enjoy my nice bottles of expensive hair product – oh well.

Landed in PHX – had about 20 minutes, and then got on the flight to Indie. Wow – that flight was packed. There was not a seat to be had, but I slept for about half – so seems to be good. I got to the hotel and was able to get checked in and all my crap sorted out. I brought the tutu from a couple of posts ago for Carries niece, along with a big bag of random other crap that I had for people – fun stuff, glow sticks, toys, finger frogs – you know, the nessecities.

I also needed to do some work for Blue, before I dissapeared for the weekend, so I booted up my work machine and suprprise! It had decided to take a vacation. It’s dead, not going to work – which sucks. Really – I can not state how much this sucks – it wouldnt turn on, and if it did would shut down with the blue screen of badness after a few minutes – so I gave up. I couldnt do anything about it, and just gave up trying. I ended up running a few errands for Carrie that afternoon – walking around downtown Indianapolis trying to find shelf paper. SHELF PAPER – not a hard thing to find…. or at least so I thought.

Anyhoodle, we ended up doing a Walmart run at around 1030pm – and ended up at the largest Walmart I’ve ever seen, I think it’s about 4x the size of the AG Wallys. Huge. and No. Shelf. Paper. None. After a brief stop at Steak n Shake for french fries and milk shakes (I mean really, who doesnt need that at 1130), we made it back to the hotel and met her parents who were just arriving. So that was fun – Pamela still doesnt like me, oh well!

I went to bed around 1, which was fun – my alarm went off at 4:30 – which was actually a good plan, because it meant I was ready to sleep later today. SO I got up at 430, showered and met Carrie and the Boys (Brian and Chad) in the lobby at 5, to head over to the site. One of the things we realized yesterday, was that none of the team assigned to Dispatch this event, had ever been on an event, and it was all city-wide walkie channel dispatch – which is an added challenge. So – I set up D-Patch, and we were balls to the wall until about noon. It was CRAZY – a few of our channels weren’t city wide, as we thought – which meant we couldnt finda bout half the people we needed to… it was nuts.

I ended up leaving at noon, and driving back to the hotel, so I could get some sleep and be back here by 8:30. My job is “overnight dispatch” – so basically I hang out in the same tent, but with only 2 walkies on. I deal with any medical transports, any incoming police, work with our local security, watch the weather radar, charge walkie batteries, etc etc. It’s probably my favorite event job. I love doing dispatch in the mornings – which I got to do this morning,a nd will do for a bit tomorrow morning to get the girls up and running, remind them how it works etc, and I get to han gout, read books, work on whatever – and I get to sleep at the hotel – which is always nice.

OH – and, I got here and my computer decided to work – which is great. I need to do a few more things at the hotel tomorrow because I dont have internet on the machine now – but I was happy to see it turned back on.

OH – and I lost my voice.

As in – gone.

I have been batteling a sinus situation for a few days, and apparently all the talking drove the whatever it is out of my sinuses an dinto my vocal cords, so I sound AWFUL – its really bad. But, nothing I can do about it. Sorry for the long post, I’m just chillen here in d-patch listening to RENT and reading books. I go back to the hotel around 7, and sleep for awhile – and will either end up back here on site at around 230, or maybe not at all, will depend on how things go and how my voice is…

What was that – pictures? What does it look like? Oh – okay – pictures are below!

Here’s me at 1 AM in dispatch. It’s cold!

me in dpatch

Here’s the dispatch boards for tomorrow- oh and Guys phone number, he’s overnight dispatch in Louisville, so we keep trading texts and calls . Basically – this is tomorrows route and as things start happening, we update the board with where the first walker is, the last walker, caboose, busses, route resto, hydration, supply trucks, etc etc. It’s a little nuts – I’ll try to get a picture of the board midday tomorrow…



Ah – so thats the crap that’s to the left of me. My two walkies – Site and Medical, random snacks and crap thats over here. And thats my backpack full of shiete and my stinky shoes.

to my left


Oh -and this is the tent from the entrance…



k – again, sorry for the long long boring post. I just figured as I hung out, I’d update. Have a great Saturday/Sunday!

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