Aww – it’s so tiny!

Some updates:

A. Earlier this week, I was “hermetically sealed” into my condo, while the painters painted. They very nicely covered my car as well. It was a funny moment.

 P9150245 P9150248 P9150250

P9150251 P9150249 P9150252

B. Simon has figured out how to get on his window perch, with out the futon to use as a launching pad. I may, or may not have, helped him up a few times, and tried to show him how he can go from the floor, to the bin, to the window.

 P9170254 P9170255

C. I leave Friday for Indianapolis, back on Monday. I can’t find my original, so I got this yesterday. It’s VERY cute, and very TINY. And – since I got the Project (RED) version, some of what I paid went to HIV/AIDS organizations in sub-saharan Africa, which is important to me. And really – Indie was the final reason, I had many reasons to get a new one.
red nano


D. I decided on white cake with lemon filling, now I just have to make it.


E. Most of the stuff I’m packing for Indie – is not stuff I’ll be bringing back… interesting.

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2 Responses to Aww – it’s so tiny!

  1. kaleena says:

    It is a little like Girl in the Plastic Bubble there. Kinda neat. I’m going to be in your town this weekend, but I am convinced that we will never be in the same town at the same time. It seems to be against the laws of the universe or something. Geesh.

  2. April says:

    I love white cake with lemon filling. YUMMY!!! BTW…I am behind in my reading but I would like to mention that I love your pj pants and tie-dyed shirt. What’s wrong with that outfit???

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