The construction has stopped.

There is no more hydraulic nail gunning.

No more sledge hammering.

No more random cussing.

No more power washing.

No more accidentally nailing through the electrical system, so that there’s no power to the front wall of my place.

No more scaffolding set up on my stairs, preventing me from leaving.

No more scaffolding outside my kitchen and bedroom with people able to say “hi, hellow, how are you” through my second story kitchen window.

There’s only painting.

And really, whats a little paint fumage between contractors and tenants, really. And the occasional smacking of the ladder against the wall.

But at least theres no pounding.

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One Response to R-E-L-I-E-F

  1. Kelly says:

    Man, there is something always happening in your complex! What color are they painting???

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