… Caaaaasting …

Okay – does anyone read these books?


Specifically, the Stephanie Plum novels…? anyone, anyone?

Let me tell you. They are FUNNY. Quick reads, highly entertaining, totally funny – a good balence of humor, and mystery, and danger, and… “naughty” parts… I love them. I just hooked into them about a year ago and I’ve read the whole series… 1 – 15 and the between the numbers books… twice. They are SO. good – excellent.


So there’s a whole conversation around these books called – “whens the movie going to be made” – and I would like to say…. SCREW THE MOVIE – let’s make a TV Show.


And here’s who I’d like to play the people… because, as we all know – my opinion matters. ha. ha.

So with out further delay

Stephanie (Indina Menzel)

Morelli (Scott Speedman or Brandon Barash or Bradley Cooper)
   OR   OR  

Ranger (Bobby Cannavale)

Lula (Sherri Shephered)

Connie (Marisa Jaret Winokour)

Tank – Taye Diggs

Some of the other Merry Men – these other soap guys – the last one should be Hal aka Halosaurus

I’m SURE people will disagree with me, and by “people” I mean anyone that’s read the books – we all seem to have a variety of opinions

Thouroughly confused?? – then buy and read the books. Or rent the books. Or whatever – they are worth it.

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2 Responses to … Caaaaasting …

  1. Joanna says:

    Hmm…how’s it possible that I’ve never read these? Not even one. The name sounds familiar, though. To embarrass myself further, I only know one of the celebrities (Taye Diggs).
    Clearly I’m living under a rock.

  2. afesler says:

    Seriously?? – Well here’s how I know them and sadly, I had to look none of this up. It’s all just in the “random crap” section of my brain. And YES – I know far too much about TV, specifically daytime TV – but what can I say, it’s my office friends

    Indina Menzel – Maureen on RENT, Elphaba in Wicked, phenomenal voice and actress married to Taye Diggs

    Scott Speedman – Ben on Felicity

    Brandon Barash – Johnny on General Hospital

    Bradley Cooper – was in Alias and is now doing movies

    Bobby Cannavale – a paramedic on 3rd Watch, Wills bf in the last couple of seasons of Will and Grace

    Sherri Shepherd – comedian, currently on the View, and in a self titled comedy

    Marisa Jaret Winokour – original lead in Hairspray, fabulous voice – was on DWTS last season

    Taye Diggs – hotness

    Merry Men
    first two are brothers, currently on GH
    second guy is an actor on OLTL – brothers with some famous dude
    last one is Steve Burton, also on GH – but been in a bunch of other crap as well.

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