Current Projects

Here are some “before” photo’s of some of my current craft projects:

 One has a definite due date…


One is past a due date…


Some are suprises…

P8280234 P8280235


One or two are just for me…


Eeesh – alot. And that’s not including the Christmas Crafts I have planned! Those involve glitter, glue and glass orbs. Fun – !


Oh – so what did I decide about my fabric? I decided this:

Sort and Fold – stack in clear bins. Scraps all in one bin. Fleece in one. Big Pillow project in One. Other fabric in the other.

They are currently living in front of my fireplace in my living room until the new craft space can hold them. The blue bin holds all unfinished craft projects along with soem other random crap.  


P8280240 P8280241

 Oh – and what has Simon been up to lately?

Playing with Pipecleaners. See those long white things in the photo below. Those are pipecleaners. He found my stash of about 50 – and takes them out of thier box each day, spreads them around, plays with them… every day. It’s a fun game apparently! 


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One Response to Current Projects

  1. Laura says:

    Oh man the fabric dilema…its a constant one for me too! I just organized my work room too..I have a tall white book case with those canvas bins and each bin has a color of fabric that is at least large enough for a pocket. Then scraps are color coordinated in a tall rubbermaid drawer thing. We’ll see how long this system works:) Can’t wait to see all the finished projects!

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