The Weekend

This weekend, my mom and I had quality time together in LA for a day.


We left around 8, and got to LA, around 1130 – just in time to find parking, and for me to change my top, into my funeral top. Oh yes – we were there for a funeral. My cousins, uncle – who is not my uncle – died. It was my dad’s twin brothers… wifes… sisters… husband. My cousins’ uncle. This is of course the side of the family that we have interesting chemistry with – so it was an added element.


My mom and I went down on Saturday, but my dad, annette and nanny went down friday – picked up my brother from the airport, and then went to the rosary. Then spent the night – got up and went to the funeral, the graveside thing, and then the reception, before driving my brother back to LAX  and heading home. Funeral, Graveside and Reception were  all in NoHo…


Anyway – Mom and I left around 8, stopped for gas and then for Starbucks. As has already been established – if you are leaving the county, or going over the grade – you must stop for Starbucks. So, I got my “for the road combo” – which is a grande iced vanilla coffee, and a venti drip with room (to which I add sugar and milk). This enables me to have immediate caffine consumption with the iced, and then lingering caffiene while the venti cools off. I also brought an extra shirt, so that I wouldn’t spill in the car. Becuase, had I not had an extra shirt – I totally would ahve and then been with a stained shirt at the funeral.


My mom and I had a slightly different agenda. We did… funeral, errand, drop in at the reception, head home.


Funeral was rough. Sad – but we were glad we were there to support the family. It was also VERY long – 2 hours of Catholic funeral. Long. My uncle who is a very high profile trial attorney gave one of the eulogies. It was not a good one. It was quite bad, to be honest… and it was long. At one point, near the end – the priest said, and no – I’m not kidding…. the PRIEST said – “land the plane sir, others would like to speak”. Said to the founding partner in a very highly respected lawfirm in the LA area, who is not used to getting told what to do. It was… interesting. Plus the fact that he’s my Dad’s twin and WOW do they look alike.


After the funeral we went to IKEA to look for furniture. I need something to put in my office that’s craft friendly, but doesnt take up too much stuff. The challenge was that we got there at about 2:30, and needed to leave about 3:30 – and we hadnt eaten since breakfast – and needless to say, at one point out of my mouth came: Mom. I am really trying to be friendly now, but I am starving, and really on the edge of losing it. I lived here for 9 years, I lived 4 blocks from here for 4 of those years. I parked in this strucutre probably a hundred times. I just need you to let me do it, and stop freaking out.




When we finally got in – we went straight to the cafe and had lunch, which when all was said and done gave us about 20 minutes to do Ikea.


I determined a couple of things (a) I want a sofa table and a something else   (b) they probably had that and about 27 other things I needed at IKEA – but   (c) doing it in 22 minutes is not possible.


So – we’re going to go back, on a weekend, and we’re going to take Carrie, and we’ll go slow and low pressure, and when one of us is done (me) and the other is still in the first section (mom) – I can go wait in the bookstore across the street.


So – that’s about it.


Long post – about really… nothing.

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One Response to The Weekend

  1. Kelly says:

    Too many funerals! Sounded like an interesting one!

    I LOVE your family tree.

    26 minutes is not enough time to even go through the front door of IKEA! =) I love that place. Your plan to go back and explore further is a great idea.

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