Well – here are some of the craft things I’ve accomplished the last few weeks – as well as a couple of shots of the new fabric I mentioned in a previous post.


I made this as a gift for my sister – with a couple of gift cards inside…

After I finished, I remembered that I had pre-sticky ribbon that I could have/should have used – oh well, next time!

P6280221 P6280224 P6280223 P6280222


This is the view of the four fabrics I have… I’m thinking pillow cases with the two solid prints on the back, and the crazier ones on the front… but havent committed yet…

Combined Fabrics

 I did make and finish the shaggy pillow, complete with snaps – but can’t find those photos. which. sucks. But- it turned out really great, I loved it. I’ll see if I can find the finished product photos – but in the mean time…

I took these when Carrie and I were horsing around in Seattle after the Ride I was on earlier… and just found them on the camera.


These are after 2 … no make that 3 or 4 days of no sleep – so laugh away – we certainly did.

P6160214 P6160215



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One Response to Craftastic

  1. Kelly says:

    Fantabulous! You’re getting GOOD at this whole crafting thing.

    It was nice having dinner with you last night! I’m glad we’re all “caught up”. =)

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