I’m baaaaack! Woot Woot!


Camp is over, and I survived! I had fun! I am tired, but all in all things are good.


Here are somethings on my list to do now that I’m back.

  • (done) re-read this so I can go see this
  • (started) re-read this so I’m prepared
  • put away the mountain of camp crap that needs to be put away
  • (researched the priced – going to do it) go to Sunset Car Wash and get my car detailed. And I do not mean washed. I mean detailed.
  • figure out a way to organize my many fabrics. I keep gathering more and more, and don’t have a good way to organize them. My thought was to wrap them around wrapping paper tubes – so they look pretty but storage is an issue.
    • I just got 2 yards each of 4 fabrics that are all coordinating. They are all chocolate brown with teal and pink and burgundy and yellow. They are pretty cool. Trying to figure out what to do with them.. make new living room pillowcases? Store for 10 years… hmmm
  • figure out a way to include a craft table in my home office, with out also losing my guest bed. Maybe a bed in a chest with an attached table? I don’t know – tricky.
  • Organize a blog buddies get together. Consider this your notification. I got the hint “you should have a _______, at your house” – so I’m going to. As soon as the above items are accomplished – I have tons of serveware, that’ll be fun to use – I just need to figure out the logistics.
  • Oh yes – sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Glorious sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Okay – that’s all, it’s good to be back!

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3 Responses to Back!

  1. kirsten says:

    Big list…
    Can you wrap the materials around cardboard like at an actual material store? and then stack them on a shelf…I just think that looks so pretty.
    I just won some material on ebay, and I”m so excited…even though I can’t sew – how lame is that?
    About the craft table thing…can you get something that can be slid under the guest bed when you need it out of the way? like something with legs that fold up or something?
    And I’m ALL for a blog buddies get together…YES, yes, yes.

    Glad you’re back – we missed you 🙂

  2. Kelly says:

    We’re glad you’re back too! It will be nice to hear all about camp and the details now that you have a moment to breathe.

    Sleep. Sleep is a good thing. I say that trumps the list.

    Yeah! Just let me know when and where and I’ll be at the blog buddies get together. It will be fun!

  3. Lynnette says:

    Yippee you are back to life…well sort of! So, should I create a blog of my boring life to join your fun shin-gig. Oh, wait that requires internet at home.
    Suggestion for your fabric. The gift wrap rolls are a good idea. What about getting one of those wrapping paper tall plastic containers? Christmas decor should be in all the stores soon with their storage.

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