The 4th and Stuff

Happy 4th of July!


It’s been a packed few days, leading up to the start of camp – but I managed to sneak in some fun!


I spent yesterday with Mouskers doing camp projects. It was fun to have a few hours to work and chat and chat and work, and all the rest – big fun.


Friday night I had family dinner. It was Ginas 40th and she wanted a pizza dinner with cake and thats it. So we had Iowa style sloppy joes, corn, three bean salad, and ambrosia salad. and pie. Happy Birthday, Gina! It was also during this evenign that I was up?graded from “that girl” to “whats-her-name” – so yay me. All in all, while not delicious, it was fun.


Today I did some stuff this morning, and then headed out this afternoon to the 4th of July festivities. I started at Uncle Rex’s and Aunt Lindas – who are really cousins, but… anyway. We tried to convince my Nanny that Jeff looks like Lester, but she couldnt figure out who “her grandson” was. So we gave up. We went to ice cream in the big boy truck – all girls, and embarassed Spencer (a cousin). It was excellent.


Then I went out to the Mesa to my former neighbors who are now just my friends to watch fireworks… James was tired to when Summer asked him what he was doing he said “well, first I ate a… that, and now I’m having a thing’… followed by… “spill… spill”… you had to be there.


Finally – while I occasionally mention her here, below is some recent video of my bestie, Carrie. She and Brian filmed a “generic hello” for Chads parents, and since he couldnt decide which parents it was for, it works for lots of people. They are on the Calgary Ride last weekend… Brian owns the company, Chad is his husband… (legally his husband, one of the few in California, so yes I use that word deliberatly)… Chad is filming… ummmm I think that’s it.

Finally, blogging will be spotty, as I am at camp starting Monday – so we’ll see how it goes. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to The 4th and Stuff

  1. kaleena says:

    Thanks for the visual. Happy 4th and such.

  2. Laura says:

    Have a great time at Camp..I still hope someday I can come back! Ill be checking out the website:)

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