I am back! I had fun! I am exhausted!


Trying to think of all the things to say… so lets see if I can highlight it bullet style.

  • I tried to post via my phone, but it didn’t work? I’ll try to forward those posts again and see if I can get them up and running on the blog.
  • Flights both ways were good.
  • I went to the airport 2x – once for B and C and once for Edwin. When I picked up Edwin, I got lost because I had to pull over when the back hatch on my mini van flew open… whoops.
  • I drove a Jetsons car. It had no keys. Just buttons.
  • Opening and Upload were in a mall parking lot, which made some things fun.
  • Overall sleep situation was good – 5 hours on Thursday night, 3 hours on Friday, 5 hours Saturday, 5 hours Sunday – pretty standard for an event.
  • Lots of truck driving. Of all sizes.
  • I think I was in and out of Canada and the US many times over the weekend. 4 or 5 times on Saturday – and a whole bunch of time spent in the no-mans land middle.
  • Meals were challenging.
  • I felt the physical differences in a year ago – I was able to manhandle 2 pallets of water, and a ton of bike racks and felt the muscles work, but didnt feel like a truck had run me over, so that was an interesting expierence.
  • Ummm… what else?
  • I am not a big fan of manual transmission 24 footers. Especially in hilly Seattle, but managed to make it a while before switching, and did a u-turn.
  • I tihnk that’s it.

Oh yes – then there was the other part, and that was good, very good!! Short of very very good – but very good! It was an interesting moment to see what was still there, and to enjoy it.


So yeah – that’s about it. Maybe more later. I’ll try to find those other posts and get them up – they are kinda funny, I think. I don’t know – lots of things after 3 hours of sleep and being awake and functional for 15 hours are very funny!

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One Response to Back!

  1. Joanna says:

    sounds like you had a blast…after walking in hilly seattle, I can’t imagine driving a stick there (have I mentioned that I CAN’T even drive a stick on the flat road?)

    Are you up for coffee tonight? Lemme’ check with J, but I think I’m open…

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