Arrived – Yay

Okay – I’m here!


I  got in at about 1230 this morning, and crashed around 1am. I’m here in good old “Canadia” as Carrie and I call it.


The trip was good – my pinwheel anteanne survivived (PHEW) as did my glow sticks, which is exciting.


I didn’t have a seat mate on the short flight from SBP to LAX, but from LAX to YVR (Vancouver) – I sat next to Reece. He was the WIGGLIEST seatmate a person could have. Every 30 seconds he changed positions. I’m not kidding. For 3 hours. Every. 30 seconds. Until the plane started taxi’ing to the jetway, and then he fell asleep.


He was also… like… 38.




So – he was reading Angels and Demons, and I had my light off and was trying to sleep. But, literally – I’ve never seen someone turn reading into a full body expierence. If he was reading the page on the left, he was holding the book a certain way, and sitting back, then when he’d read the page on the right, he flipped the page around, and leaned forward. He was wearing a suit – and had taken off the suit jacked, so the light was like the SUN RADIATING OFF HIM – so I spent the time going from shade to sun, shade to sun, shade to sun. He was ALSO – radiating heat like the sun. At one point I almost asked him to switch seats with me, so that the oppostie side of me could warm up, and the other side could cool down, it was bizarre. So between the wiggling and his 5 trips to the restroom… Reece was a fun seatmate.


I of course then saw him everywhere I went at the YVR airport.


Funny moment of the night: Me setting off some international alert with my waterbottle… whoops, so unlike the USA when you accidentally set off the fire alarm, you should hang outand make sure that it’s no big deal, not wander off in the crowd, and hope they don’t notice you. Because, they do.


And -when exiting the taxi with your metal waterbottle attached to your back pack, take care to not swing around with force. Denting a taxi is a bad plan.


Yay, Canada.


I’ll try to post again in the trip. I tink I can post from my phone, so maybe a picture? We’ll have to see – I apparnetly forgot my phone charger, so am on limited useage until I can get a car charger or whatever.

That is all for now!

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3 Responses to Arrived – Yay

  1. April says:

    Glad to hear you made it. It seems that phone issues on big trips is a recurring theme with you…no???

  2. Joanna says:

    okay, really, I would have needed a stiff drink to sit next to that dude. Fidgeting really bugs me.

    Sounds like you’re having fun, are you back yet?

  3. afesler says:

    I had a blast. a blast.

    I got back this morning at like 1am…

    am exhausted, but SO glad that I went.

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