Updated: So much to do, so little time

Hooooooly Moly, I am behind.
(I am now less behind)


I have so much to do in the next 24 hours, and I really don’t think I have enough time. So my solution is to blog about it?


I leave for Canada on Thursday night, and between now and then I need to:

  • DONE: sort out my clothes to figure out where my event clothes are
  • DONE: wash the event clothes
  • IN PROCESS: sync and charge the ipod
    Freaking  ipod I think is on it’s way out. It took a while to get it to charge, and it’s refusing to sync up on the computer. But, I’m wondering if it will do better fully charged. Thats going to be painful, if it doesnt!!
  • DONE: finish the dishes,
  • DONE: pre-clean the house for Alejandra to come (dishes, clutter, random bins full of camp crap),
  • DONE: fix my pajamas,
  • DONE: locate the international travel documents I need
  • DONE: pack,
  • SCRATCHED: go to the pool
  • DONE: visit Walmart to buy a couple of new travel books
  • SCRATCHED: Silent coffee

Things I’m not doing but that is on the list

Silent Coffee


Ugh – tired. Tired. TIRED. At least I get 3 extra hours of sleep on the plane. yay!


Upside, 1/2 day off in Seattle on Monday, so I’ll get to play around up there!

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