Filling in the blanks

Okay – well, I thought maybe there would be follow up questions. Here’s some additional information:

1. First Kiss
So – my first kiss was in college. My freshman year I lived in the dorms at CSUN, and was supposed to be in a double, with a double in the next room. So 4 girls living in a 2 bedroom apt, with living area, kitchen, shared bathroom. My first day I got there, and the girl in my room didn’t show. I’d been there for awhile, and this girl walked in. She was old. She was TWENTY FOUR…. dude. I was 18, that was OLD to me. Anyway – she walked in with this giant man dressed all in black. her boyfriend. he was TWENTY SEVEN… clearly O.L.D. He wanted to be a WWF Wrestler and her mother. Who is bald. Turns out Kim’s mom has alapetia, and the universal kind, so not a hair on her entire body. In any case, they all three were BIG Kareokers, which is how I ended up in in a Kareoke bar, sloppy drunk, making out with some guy I’d never seen before, never saw again, and can’t remember his name. I think that’s it…? The how I ended up sloppy drunk is a bit foggy, but let’s just say it probably wasnt the first time, and very clearly was no where near the last.

2. Celebrity Names
Neil Patrick Harris and TR Knight – both my current favorites, for what they’ve done, said, and the statement they make. NPH played Mark in RENT and that’s my favorite musical – so I have questions for him, and TRK – well, he had blue hair, and so I have questions.

3. Morrissey
Ah yes, well this really was my first crush. He is actually a friend, we’ve stayed connected after HS. We ended up at the same college, and hung out infrequently. He sublet my apartment one summer, and then the next summer, I was working for an event production company as touring staff on the Rides, and we needed a signage person for the 3days, and he was looking for work. So he was the signage guy, the same position that Carrie had on the Rides, so we criss crossed the country doing that for a summer. And then finally, we both ended up in Seattle for a year, I actually stayed with him for about a week while I was looking for a place to stay, and he kept the Simonizer for me a couple of times when i was travelling. Somewhere in there, we had the “oh by the way, did you know in highschool, I…. ” conversation. He had no clue, didnt care, and we’ve maintained our friendship. He got married a few years ago, and he and his wife JUST had thier first baby. I’m headed to Canada/Seattle next weekend, so might see him at that point to say hello. And THAT is the long and the short of it.

4. Guide Dogs
I would LOVE to raise guide dog puppies, but right now my living situation doesnt allow for it. But, someday.

5. School
Ugh – school. Yeah, so I am a smart individual (can you hear me toooooting my own horn)? But – I think it was a few things. I used school as my means to get out of this area. I either had to have enough loans and scholarships for school, or had to work to pay for college, and found that I was really good at the working part, and got alot of gratification out of that. I worked part time the first two years, with student loan support, and the last 3 years, I worked full time, was financially independent, and had no student load support. I also lucked into some life changing volunteer opportunities that turned into full time jobs, or a few small jobs with the same group that cobbled together made full time work, and most important – I wasnt willing to jump through the hoops you have to jump through. I was also did not go to class regularily – because I chose to work, or party, or whatever – and was too tired, drunk, hungover, or busy with work to go to class. So – i would register for classes, pay for them, not attend them, and fail them. Mostly my GE classes, my Deaf Studies classes – I did really well in.  I thought I would do better as a re-entry student, and took a couple of semesters of classes – but struggled with the work, school balence. I think that my biggest challenge currently is finding a program that meets my needs in area of topic, timing, finances.  I feel lucky that I lucked into a fulltime career with big blue, and feel lucky that I’ve continued to progress, but when you combine a very time intensive and brain intensive job, with the many outside commitments I choose to take on, it leaves little time for other activities. So at this point, I’ve yet to successfully prioritize school in my life, and at somepoint I’m sure I will.


Really – I think this highlights to me my overall struggle with work/life balence. In my head, I balence my work and life appropriately, but what I do in my free time (big church commitments, big camp commitments, some social commitments, big family commitments) leaves little time to pursue… other things. Totally a protective mechanism on my part. In a major way – and I’m aware of that, but thought I would just state it for the blog-record, in case y’all thought I wasn’t. I make very clear choices in life to protect other parts, and I’m aware of that. I could list them all, but really – that’s probably only interesting for me, and stuff that I’ve identifed years go, and have to choose to work through, or “stuff”.


Umm – did I miss anything? Who knows, probably over shared – oh well.

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2 Responses to Filling in the blanks

  1. Kelly says:

    Thanks for filling in the blanks. =) I should have totally got NPH and TRK… I’m a dork.

  2. Joanna says:

    thanks for the details….I would never have guessed NPH and TRK…

    As for the tooting your own horn, no need to be bashful, be loud, be proud…you are clearly, smart 🙂

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