Do you ever have moments in life, where something that you think/feel that you can’t really pinpoint why you think or feel it, is crystallized?


Something that… you feel so strongly about, but can’t really… put your finger on why.


Something that you knew there must be a reason, but didn’t know what it was…


Cause… wow. eff. expletive… I had that moment earlier this weekend.


I don’t even really know how to explain it, but I reconnected with someone, who I havent seen in a long time. Someone who I’ve known… forever, he’s always been an adult prescense to me, and someone I connected with, looked up to, and admired. He was at my Mom’s retirement party this weekend – they taught together for…. 32 out of 37 years… and i think he provided as much influence on me as the other men in my life did… I hadn’t seen him in… a few years, and didn’t realize how much I missed him, or how influential he was for me in… so many areas. I mean really… more than I thought, more than I realized.


The more I heard about what it was he was doing, and on and on – it was this on going moment of… ohhhhh that’s why, and yup – I had forgotten about that, and yup that explains it as well.


I got teary when I saw him, got teary when it was time to leave, and am teary thinking about this. He’s really a man that proves to me that it’s possible to be… manly, kind, funny, socially and politically centered where I am, driven, earthy, smart… and it drove home why I’m interested in the people, person, things, that I am. A subtle reminder of why I thought I wanted to do what I wanted to do, and a huge moment of clarity around a couple of other things.


I realize this is cryptic… to everyone but me, but let me sum it up by saying.


Wow. That was a huge moment of clarity.

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One Response to Clarity

  1. Kirsten says:

    I’m glad you’ve had someone like that in your life – it’s nice to realize sometimes the impact that people have. Although now my question is as to WHO it is….hehehe

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