Thoughts about Round 2

So here are my thoughts after completing Round 2 of these:

  • First – let me spell out the timing:
    • Friday/Saturday – Book 1
    • Saturday-Late/Sunday – Book 2
    • Monday – started Book 3
    • Wednesday – Started Book 4, Finished Book 4 Thursday Night
  • I get the choice of Rob Pattison and the rusty truck better.
  • I’m still a fan of Jacob
  • There was less – OMG WHATS GOIGN TO HAPPEN NEXT I HAVE TO KEEP READING, and more of – ohhhh interesting, followed by more reading.
  • They are better the second time through.
  • Emmet is still my favorite, but I really like Jasper as well
  • I hope the production budget for Movie 2 is a bit higher, Bells shouldnt be paler than Eddie.
  • Seriously – the name isnt any better in Book 4.

I think that’s it, I can’t wait to read them again later!

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2 Responses to Thoughts about Round 2

  1. Kelly says:

    You’re speaking a foriegn language… haven’t read them yet. =)

  2. kaleena says:

    You Jacob fans make me crazy. And the name will NEVER get any better.

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