The To-Do List

I have many to-do lists…


Some of the fun things I have to-do are…

  1. Order Poms
  2. Figure out how to make the ducks and the keychains work as walkie identifiers and channel assignments
  3. Start/Finish Mothers Day projects
  4. Hapitok Things
  5. Church Things
  6. Many many work things.

So – things are busy, but it’s all good.

Here are some “before” photo’s of a couple of the fun projects I’m working on…

p5010187 p5010186p5010188


Still picking fabric for 2 other projects, need 4 more fabrics total… hmmm trip to Wallys is in order? I need to check my scraps to see if I have enough of any 4 fabrics, I don’t think I do…


Oh yes, and Simon says Hi! – It’s hot here, so he’s protecting the new walkies.



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One Response to The To-Do List

  1. Kelly says:

    Can’t wait to see the finished products!

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