Roll Out the Barrels!!

What a fun day, today was!


This weekend (Thurs – Sunday) is the annual Roll Out the Barrels winefest in San Luis Obispo. My mom and I have been trying to get together with Marilyn for quite a while, and finally the Moms decided that we were going to do Roll Out the Barrels. I volunteered to be the DD, which is convienent for them because they could drink, and convienent for me, because I dont drink all that much.


I started the day, last night, with Carrie at my house. She was planning on jumping out of a plane thi smorning in Lompoc, so she drove up last night, we went to dinner, and then she spent the night here, since here is closer to there, as compared to when here is in LA… following me so far?


This morning when, she got to Lompoc, the plane jumping people disallowed plane jumping, so instead Carrie and Orn (who is Carrie’s, brother Mikes, wife) came up for breakfast, along with Pamela – Orn and Mike’s daughter. We had breakfast at McClintocks, and then went to visit my Mom for a few minutes. It was fun to get to see them!


Following that – we started to Roll Out the Barrels. My Mom and I picked up Marilyn and off we went. Marilyn is one of my moms best friends. They’ve been friends a long long time, and Marilyn is a second Mom to me. We had a great time and wine tasted from about 11:30 – 5pm. The DD got to go along, and eat all the food, and drink fun drinks like soda and water. We had a good time, the sun was OUT, and I totally got RED. However, I sun-red, not sun-tan, so clearly by tomorrow I’ll be white again.


Here are some highlights from the day – in wacky bullet form:

  • Don’t worry – we’re her two Moms!! Ummm… right, that has a different meaning now… MOTHER
  • That guy fell over… really, alot. Wow – like. REALLY alot fell over.
  • Food. Food. Food (Apple pie, ice cream and 2 sauces, wood fired pizza, german, chili, beefballs – can’t eat, orange olive oil and balsamic berries, sausage and cheese, yum!)
  • When we’re really old, be sure to park us in the home together. We could be roommates. Make D&B pay Marilyns bills, and then just visit us both on the same day. Oh, and make yoru brother visit us both, and D&B visit us both too. But, we’re going to put it on paper that you get to make all the descions. Ummm… great!
  • Drunk Marilyn and Mom are fun!!
  • Bah ha ha – graveley hills.
  • Glass Panties

It was a great day, I’m really tired, but minus a few comments that came out wierd this morning, it was a fun day.


So – I’m off to watch the rest of Rachel Getting Married.


Enjoy your evenings!

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4 Responses to Roll Out the Barrels!!

  1. Kelly says:

    Sounds like a fun day! It’s always a good day when you get to hang out with mom. Glad you enjoyed the day!

  2. Kirsten says:

    My thoughts:

    OUT of a plane? She wanted to jump OUT? O-U-T…OUT?

    drunk moms are ALWAYS funny…but why I ask, are there no drunk pictures of said drunk moms?

    What did you think of the movie? I just watched it a few weeks ago…

  3. Joanna says:

    I’m with Kirsten…Pictures were a must for this post 🙂

    Hmm….Michelle went wine tasting this weekend too…sounds like lots of fun…but I think diet-pepsi tasting would be even more fun..
    different shaped/sized cups/straws/ice….Oh, imagine the possibilities 🙂

  4. kawoods says:

    oh man! i can totally picture all of this happening!

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