dang. I should have prepared.

I got tagged.


I checked Laura’s blog this afternoon, and while things could be WORSE – it could have been this morning – I got tagged.

Here are the rules: If you are tagged – take a photo of yourself AS SOON as you see this. No primping, prepping, dramatics allowed.

Post it and tag some others.

Here’s me and…. JoJo, Kaleena, April, Kelly-Boo, and Kirsten. TAG – your it.

I would have tagged Kelly-Bbee, but Laura was nice enough to do it for me.


And just so we’re all clear – top up – decent. Neck down… not exactly… presentable, and yet I feel compelled to present it.


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4 Responses to dang. I should have prepared.

  1. Jo-Jo says:

    ef you. Photo taken. I look like death. I did take one with a scowl-y face..but deleted it, since I had 3 chins…you’ll get the one with my fake-smile (read between the lines….I’m saying pfftthhhbbb)…
    I did have have to do at least one ‘dramatic’ thing before my photo-schoot (in which I used my tripod for the first time) had to check the bathroom mirror to insure that I didn’t have anything in my teeth…

  2. Jo-Jo says:

    Oh…I forgot my fav part….the reason I was even willing to do this..Ijust so happen to have my jammies on and I’m wearing my *special* shirt

  3. Kelly says:

    Ummm… now I gotta go check Laura’s blog. Silly tag.

    That shirt is too big for you! =)

  4. Kirsten says:

    I agree with Kelly – time to buy smaller clothes girl!!! Also – I wish I had your eyes and your skin

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