… tah dah…

Well, some good guesses.


Not something I sewed, but something that was homemade.


I have a friend, who owns a business, who makes wonderful homemade things, and her speciality is aprons. So – a couple of months ago, I asked her to make me 4 custom aprons, one for each pf my nieces and nephew. I gave her basics – likes, colors, personality traits – and she came up with 4 fabulous aprons. I mean really – FAB-U-LOUS.


We did Easter with Dad’s side of the family on Saturday, and I packed up my containers and took thm with me. I added in my Mom’s homemade gift tags, which turnd out cute.


The kids LOVED the aprons. I heard… “THIS IS MY FAVORITE”   “MY FAVORITE COLORS ARE HERE” – it was pretty neat to see how much they loved the aprons. They wore them during dinner, and all around – they were a hit!! The rest of the day was good – we had a lot of fun, and I am glad Holy Week is over, I spent ALOT of time at church. ALOT. of TIME. So I’ll be happy when tomorrow is over and I can have a break.


This afternoon I spent Easter with another group of family – cousins, and cousins and Uncle Patrick whose really a cousin. We had a good time playing family tree – matching up how we are related. I got home about 4 – and am really tired, and really ready for an evening at home with books and just chilling.


With that – here are the photo’s of the kids and thier aprons.


Laura – really, I can’t tell you how much the kids loved thier gifts. The parents were very very impressed, and have said they’ll be hitting you up for business. Thank you SO SO much – you really took minimal information and did great things, I think it shows in thier faces!! Cookincutie.blogspot.com…. check it out folks.

The containers and my Mom’s homemade tags on the containers

Anna (age 10) and her pink cheetah with cupcakes. she loved the whole thing, the two buttons, and the “dingle balls” on the bottom. A total hit.

Kate and her retro chains. She LOVED it!

Ethan and his camo apron. He LOVED it and especially loved “all the pockets”!

Is and her horses. She Fah-REAKED out. “This is my favorite color!!” she loved the horses, had seen the patch before and been begging for it, and LOVED the belt! She pulled me aside later and said “oh thank you alison, really thank you alot. really” It was very sweet!

Everyone together!


Happy Easter!

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3 Responses to … tah dah…

  1. Rosemarie says:

    Hi Alison!

    Hope you had a Happy Easter! These aprons are super cute! I like your blog header too 🙂

    Hope all is well!


  2. Kelly says:

    They turned out awesome! I forgot you had ordered those. Glad all the kids loved them especially made. =) Yeah for rest and books.

  3. Laura says:

    Im so happy that they loved the aprons! It actually made me a little teary (in a good way) to see all of them wearing the aprons! Would you mind if I use their pictures for my cookincutie blog? If so could you email them to me? I totally understand if their parents say no too:)

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