I am very Holy this week

So it’s Holy Week…


Which means alot of church.


And by alot I mean the following:

Maundy Thursday: Evening Service
Maundy Thursday is the day that the last supper is commemerated, and the washing of the disciples feet by Christ.. It is also the day that Jesus was in the garden of Gethsemane, and the day that Judas betrayed Jesus.
We have an evening service where the clergy washes the feet of the parishoners, and we strip and shroud the altar.


Good Friday: Evening Service
Good Friday is the day that Jesus was crucified and died on the cross. There are two services a eccumenical service and a contemplative service Friday night at my church. I will most likely just go to the evening service. This is a somber day.


Holy Saturday/Great Vigil: Evening service
This is a weird day. It’s the day that we set-up for Easter, but is truly a day of vigil and somberness. In the evening we have a long. long. service that begins outside around a campfire, telling the Old Testament stories using campfire skits, much like history would have been passed along in Jesus’ time. We then move inside for some readings from the New Testament… before ending for the evening.
(Oh and Saturday I also have set up from 9 – 12, Dads from 12 – ??, Church at 7:30)


Easter Sunday: Sunday Service
This is fun day. I’ll be attending the 8AM Service, and then coordinating the children activities during the 10AM Service. I hope to be out of there in a fast way – because I am going to Easter dinner/lunch at Ann’s – which starts at noon, and will be fun!


So – can’t find me this weekend? Wondering where I’m at… odds are I’m at church, headed to church, on the way back from church… etc.


I just wrapped Easter gifts tonight, they are SUPER-cute. Both the wrapping and the insides. I’ll post pics on Sunday –


Happy Easter to you all!

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