… I am Elmo?

Eh – I can be Elmo, I’m fine with that.


At least he’s not a “loser” character – according to some.one. (Hello – do we not remember the exercise earlier this year where “we” learned about being more sensitive to others feelings… ) Don’t worry all you “Eyeore, Scoobie, Smurfette, Daisy Duck, or teletubbies (sic)” – the rest of us don’t think your losers.


I kinda wish the ducks would wear pants, but thats a whole other topic.


Ummm what else.


Clearly, I can’t sleep.


I’m afraid that if I got to sleep tonight… sore (which I am), I will wake up unable to move. Yeah – not really kidding. I upped my time/intensity in the water again this week… and wow, I can totally feel it right now, I’m afraid 6 hours from now is goign to be… painful.


What else?


Ummm… how about…


Top 5 Funny Things from this last weekish…

1.  oh oh, lets play – who can talk about underwear??

2. They asked me if I was a PROSTITUTE… (ummm so maybe thats not last week, but it is STILL hella funny)

3. Coffee and Cupcakes and _____….. is that a code I’m missing? Nope- a code a made up but havent told anyone.

4. Freeze Dance in Sunday School.

5. TuSmall. bah. ha. ha.

Bonus: Are you canadian? No – I’m just tired and havent had coffee.


I guess that’s it.

I think that’s it.

This means I must sleep.

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2 Responses to … I am Elmo?

  1. April says:

    Elmo isn’t bad 🙂 Clearly I can’t sleep either. It is currently 2:25 AM. I have not slept through the night in days and yet I just watched four full episodes of Survivor on youtube. I think I am so tired that I am past the point of sleep. This will be a rude awakening in about five and a half hours when the alarm goes off to get up and get two kids ready for swim lessons. Alas, I am off to have a bowl of cereal. It’s a bad habit I know, but one I can’t seem to break. Here’s to another sleepless night…

  2. Joanna says:

    Elmo is definately not a loser character….I love him!

    Although I did learn some things about being sensitive…I guess I’m still a work in progress…

    I was mostly kidding… guess I’ll keep more of my sarcastic comments to myself…

    or, since I *am* Charlie Brown, I could just pretend you said ‘wah, wa, wa, wah, wahhhh’

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