Hmmmm. how bout now?

So – I was able to scale down the background, so that the full size one shows on my normal sized computer….


wonder what it’s going to look like on my widescreen.


hmm – I guess I’ll find out later.


Oh well – so how does the new version of the new look?


kelly/jojo/april – looks okay? or looks like crap and I should return to a previous version.

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2 Responses to Hmmmm. how bout now?

  1. Kelly says:

    VERY colorful! I’m kinda surprised… it’s girly for you. Not that it’s bad… .just different. I like it. =)

  2. Joanna says:

    Your text is still overlapping with the left column (on my home computer- I didnt’ check on my work computer).

    Can you re-save the background in smaller pixels (am I even saying that right?) I think that when I had that lady create my first banner, she did it at 770 or something and then it fit the screen perfectly.

    It’s getting there…just a few tweeks left…and I love it!

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